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Any language is important for communication. If ever you want to seize your career goal to another country with language nonconforming to yours, then you better start to learn English at Language School. English is popularly acknowledged as the “universal language” Thus, if your main concern is your career overseas, never takes chances, learn the language and gain fluency from it.


A girl learning English in Shanghai.

A girl learning English in Shanghai. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Language learners have different methods of catching learning language. There are those who attend language schools in the locale, others through home-based online, and some are traveling abroad to completely immerse themselves in culture and the way inhabitants of the country find their living – question: Are these methods effective enough to provide you knowledge as immediate as possible? How can you become fluent in English language in a shortest period of time and effectively?


The answers below are based from experts’ viewpoints (yahoo news).


  • Source from the Antimoon, for learning English language website suggested that in seeking for fluency of a new language, learners should not speak the specific language unless they able to write and read it confidently. They even disagree that peaking a new language won’t improve the grammar or the vocabulary, but it certainly can help in improving the foreign pronunciation.
  • A study how language is learned from the beginning by Dr. Pimsleur tells through this example: babies learn a language by frequently hearing it. Then they will start making the noise and in time, they can mark out the words. This method takes years for babies to become fluently speak the language. Pimsleur Approach and Rosetta Stone tailor learners to accelerate their learning through intense methods in a natural way of learning a language.
  • Bootsnall, an independent travel guide, propose a few ways to make learning language more enjoyable like associating movies and TV of foreign to learners’ already existing line, reading the magazines in a foreign version where language of your choice is on paper, and an eavesdrop to foreign music.

No matter what method you decide for learning English language, it is very important for you to spend time dipping manually in that specific language. Therefore if you really want to integrate travel and learning, English classes Miami is another recommendable method to find your success!


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