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Land (2021) Movie Review

By Newguy
Land (2021) Movie Review

Director: Robin Wright

Writer: Jesse Chatham, Erin Dignam (Screenplay)

Starring: Robin Wright, Demian Bichir, Sarah Dawn Pledge, Kim Dickens, Warren Christie

Plot: A bereaved woman seeks out a new life, off the grid in Wyoming.

Tagline – A story of humanity, in the face of uncertainty.

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Land starts when Edee (Wright) seeks her chance to start a new life off the grid in a mountain lodge, alone, until she starts to find the conditions difficult, food running short and herself on deaths door, until Miguel (Bichir) and Alawa (Pledge) find her.

Bringing Edee back from the edge, Miguel teaches her what she needs to survive, while he respects her decision to not know anything about the real world.

Thoughts on Land

ThoughtsLand is a powerful drama about lose and wanting to move on with life in an attempt to get over the loss suffered by someone, using the wilderness as the chance for a fresh without feeling like you are bothering anyone in life. Land will show how it can push someone to the edge, while giving them the chance to reflect on the best things about what they once had, seeing the beauty in the world. This is show from the jaw dropping location choice that feels like it could be a photograph everyday. Robin Wright is amazing both on front and behind the camera with her work here and Demian Bichir in the supporting role is a joy to watch too.

Final Thoughts Land is a beautiful drama about understanding life after loss.

Land (2021) Movie Review

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