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Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong: After Hours!

By Josephharrison1990 @JTAH_1990

After being super productive throughout my Dragon Boat Festival trip to Hong Kong, I decided that with my travel checklist completed I could end my trip with a boozy night out! It was so strange paying for everything in cash, we just don't do that in the Chinese Mainland! Clocking 'Chung King Mansions' felt necessary but just for a second because Lan Kwai Fong wasn't ready! 

Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong: After Hours!

Cash became my currency during my time in Hong Kong, yes they have a different currency in that Special Administrative Region. I looked at my finances after I had resurfaced from my afternoon nap, I didn't want to be penny pinching on my final night in Hong Kong during my only night out! Looking fresh to death, I left my super-small hotel room and headed towards 'Tsim Sha Tsui' with those Chinese RMB notes! Looking over my shoulders from left to right, I crept into one of the main entrances into the ground floor at Chung King Mansions. No shade, I wanted to get that Chinese money changed up for Hong Kong Dollars with the quickness! The first bureau de change was closed, I was redirected to another currency conversion window. My perception changed, I had been too quick to judge 'CKM' and I must put my hands up to say I wasn't mad because the culture was boundless by the range of shops and food being sold! Counting my newly converted Hong Kong Dollars, I made it back on another HK MTR train! Go!

I won't apologize for the sedate start of this night out because 'After Hours' doesn't necessarily need to begin with unapologetic shenanigans from the bat! No, I had just checked off my final places that had been on my '2023 comeback HK trip' checklist, that one night out was going to be taken with one foot put in from of the other! Echa Pa' Lante! Crossing Victoria Harbour during this evening moment didn't take me very long, being a Saturday night I wanted to embrace that party night with full force. As my 'Tsuen Wan Line' MTR train pulled into '中環/Central' station I was able to walk off into the night! Previously that afternoon, I had walked around 'Lan Kwai Fong' without realising it, remembering those footsteps I was able to clock that famous hilly Hong Kong Island party street! I felt my 32 years during that moment, I was sober and really needed food beforehand, was I out of training during that bewildering time? No chance, I didn't fancy eating at any of those 'tourist appropriate' hangouts! No chance, I said! 

Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong: After Hours!

Learning my lesson from my time spent in Seoul, South Korea, I decided to stay away from '7 Eleven' because those chilled drinks looked alluring! Let's cut this short, I went for a 'Five Guys' to get ready for the night ahead because I wanted something fulfilling and cost effective! More money would allocated for those beverages! Sure, my grilled cheese was an actual treat with those super salty chips in tow, downing the Coke had to be done! Embracing Lan Kwai Fong with a fully lined stomach felt like a blessing because I can barely deal with hangovers these days! I clocked the famous street sign, I noticed that a certain rainbow theme had been embellished onto it! I was there for that decoration because you already know that we need to be true to ourselves regardless of the consequences! California Tower held the key, that super fast lift saw me stepping foot into 'Petticoat Lane'. Known as one of Lan Kwai Fong's major Gay bars, you already know I was looking for a good old time! I'll have an 'Aperol Spritz!' Pls and thanks! 

Sitting at the bar was my vibe for the first part of the night because I wanted to survey the talent and mood, I sipped away like a silent assassin. Oh, I loved that orange coloured drink! I was there for the queens, I had heard that 'Drag Race Thailand's' 'Mocha Diva' had made a name for herself at 'Petticoat Lane' before becoming a 'Ru-Girl!' I was really excited to see the nights Drag performances! Really, it didn't take a long time before the bar area was packed with party-goers! There was a really relaxed vibe about the place, definitely a more open vibe with people not just from the community present in the bar. Those drinks kept on flowing but I kept my wits about me because I wouldn't have my usual 'APP's' to locate a taxi at the end of the night, I actually had to flag one down by myself with a physical address present. Make mine another Aperol because I was feeling fancy! Yes, I did have a little dance in the adjacent dance area but I felt more suited being sat on a stool or perched at the bar, I wanted to take a look at those men folk! 

Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong: After Hours!

As the midnight hour neared it was time for the first of three Drag performances of the night at 'Petticoat Lane' on that Saturday night! I was very impressed with that first queen and then the second, tens across the board from me! I later found out that all of the Drag performers who had performed were from the Philippines! With a super successful debut season of 'Drag Race Philippines' further putting these queens in the limelight, had I witnessed part of the cast reveal for 'Season 3?' I do think! Oh, I was available but I would be buying my own drinks! The universe saw it fit that a lovely Filipino gentlemen introduced himself to me, it was a mutual discovery. Reminding me of 'Precious Paula Nicole' out of Drag, the conversation flowed without any gaps! See, this is why I hadn't put on my dancing shoes that night, I had my pulling shoes on! I had confronted a blast from the past at the bar before meeting that gwapo Filipino man. I don't need to expand on that distracting encounter because Mr. Cruise Ship floated my boat! Go!

Of course, the bar around me was alive with dancing, drinking and divine looking men all around! The queens came out again, they performed the house down boots for sure, I loved it! It was wholesome to meet people from different parts of the world who were like me having the best Saturday night! I was able to speak with two Thai Trans Women who were lovely, honestly they looked like actual goddesses! Sure, we exchanged Instagram's because I wanted to see what kind of modelling they did! Back to my 'Cruising With Jane McDonald' moment because 'Mr. Cruise Ship' from the Philippines really had me captivated with his good looks and charming conversation. Looking for new foundation, we headed over to 'China Bar' but you already know how this situation was going to end? Read between the lines! Lan Kwai Fong had me acting different, I was able to kick back to celebrate my jammed packed Hong Kong trip! Petticoat Lane impressed me much! Aperol Spritz, who? Don't mention her name ever again! That hangover! 

A Pinay Drag Takeover! 

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