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Laffs - Dying Man

By Topsie @teepeetopsie
A man, who had been diagnose with a terminal disease was lying pensive, on his bed in the hospital. He had just been informed by the doctor that he would be dying before the end of the day. He was allowed to spend the time left with his family and a preist.
The priest was invited to pray with the dying man when the time was presumed close. After a while that the priest had been praying, he started whispering to the dying man,"denounce the devil, denounce the devil,  let him know how little you think of his evil works".
Τhe dying man kept quiet.
Τhe priest repeated his instruction, still the dying man kept quiet.
Τhe bewildered priest then asked "Why do you refuse to denounce the devil & his evil works?"
Τhe apparently confused dying man responded; "Father, you know the kind of person i am. I don't rush into things and i like to weigh all facts available before taking a decision. In this situation, all facts are not available to me; i do not know where i may be going after death, and as such, i would rather not provoke either of the two owners involved here, so that i may be welcome where ever i find myself.

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