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Laffs - Bad Sharp Dean

By Topsie @teepeetopsie
One night, four university students were drinking till very late in the night and didn't study for the test already scheduled for the next day at school.
In the morning with terrible hang over, they came together and thought of a plan. First they made themselves look as dirty as can be. They actually look weird and believable with the grease and dirt.
Next they went up to the dean of the faculty and told him that they had gone for a wedding last night and that on their way back, their tire bursted and they had to push the car all the way back to school. As a result, they were not in any condition to do any test.
The dean thought for a little while, and decided to let them go for that day but should return after three days for the same test. The boys were elated, thanked him and left happily.
On the third day, they appeared before the dean for the test. The dean explained to the boys that due to the special condition of the test, they would need to seat very far away from one another. To that instruction, the students agreed gladly as they had prepared very well in the last three days.
The test had 5 questions for 100 marks, and the instruction was 'All questions are compulsory, and any inconsistency on the answer to any of the questions by any of the four students will result in all the candidates scoring zero.'
Question 1 
What is your full name?  (2 marks)
Question 2 
What is the name of the bride and the groom of the wedding you attended?  (30 marks)
Question 3 
what is the brand of the car with which you went to the wedding? (20 marks)
Question 4 
Which of the tyres got bursted?  (28 marks) 
Question 5 
Who was driving the car on that day? (20 marks)
Is the dean fair or not?
What do you think their scores will be? 
What can their next plan be?

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