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Lady ❤

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Book Overview

In this fictional California town of Ramona life is kind until a sudden flow of recent events come to threaten the immediate future of a young woman who is resistant to change and not prepared for the misfortune that occurs.

When all goes wrong, and Cora Eckhart’s life turns upside down she chooses a path that leads into a world of uncertainty, instability, and risk.

Aware of the imperilment that she faces, Cora has a plan, one that eludes the law and those who are blazing on her trail.

With nothing else left but to fight and to survive, she takes on a double life that takes the lives of others in the survive of her fight.

As Cora unwittingly outsmarts others in her anomaly in crime will her luck eventually run out or will she escape into the new life that she aspires to create?

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