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Lace and Stripes

By Cestlabellevie @cestlabelle_vie
lace and stripeslace and stripeslace and stripeslace and stripesAlright, I promise this is the last Valentine's themed post. Though Ral and I celebrated on Monday, I couldn't help wearing something pink to class on Tuesday, just to stretch out the holiday a bit--I do the same thing with  my birthday. I also spent the day eating candy from my Valentine, which included peanut m&ms (my favorite) and sour gummy worms (my other favorite), AND my homework was to read a food-blog-turned-book all afternoon. I really, really can't complain about my classes at all. Or life in general--it is so busy, but so lucky. 
ps--almost this whole outfit is thrifted. holla!
skirt, shirt, and cardigan: thrifted, boots: Forever 21

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