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By Lovelybylucy @lovelybylucy


I’m not really the lace-wearing type of girl. Usually I don’t like how it looks ‘cute’. I usually don’t want to look cute or girly. Here comes the confession. I watch a lot of TLC and Say Yes To The Dress is one of my guilty pleasures to watch. On one day after a bit of a marathon, some pretty lace wedding dresses caught me thinking about lace. That’s exactly when I was browsing ASOS just to see what’s new, and I spotted this lace skirt. Like it was meant to be. Without thinking about it too much I clicked it home. A day later, when I was cured from my head being up in wedding dress-sky, I wasn’t too sure what to think of my impulsive order. Until it came in. I actually really like the lined chunky lace and although I of course had to dress it down with a boxy black jumper, I don’t mind that it’s kind of ‘cute’. Who know’s what I’ll wear on my wedding day..

Jumper: COS
Lace skirt: ASOS (order a size up)
Trainers: Adidas Stan Smith

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