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Labor Day Body Count in NY and Elsewhere

Posted on the 07 September 2011 by Mikeb302000
WSJ reports on the Labor Day festivities in the Big Apple
The shooting of a police officer in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, on Monday night punctuated a Labor Day weekend burst of violence that left at least 10 dead and more than 50 injured since Friday morning.
While all eyes are on Carson City, Nevada today, the body count in New York is pretty impressive. Let's not overlook it, or forget that every single day there is an average of 80 something dead from gunshots, EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Where do all the guns come from, we'll at the risk of repeating myself, they come from the gun manufacturers directly, they come from the FFL gun dealers, and they come from you, the individual legitimate gun owners.
Since we all agree criminals don't obey laws, proper gun control has to be aimed at the law-abiding. Unfortunately a certain amount of inconvenience would be necessary if we were to make improvements, but based on that, resistance is strong from the gun community. Led by their standard bearer, Monsieur La Pierre, the rank and file gun-rights advocates fight any and every attempt to improve the situation.
The results are they continue to enjoy their guns unhampered by such inconveniences as licensing and registration and background checks on all transfers, and gun violence also continues unhampered by those common-sense remedies.
Does anyone not understand why I blame the gun owners, that is the gun owners who resist proper gun control laws?
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