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Labelling: Armed Robbery Suspects

By Topsie @teepeetopsie
I read in the local news that two boys, whose ages are between the age 20years and 22years  were involved in armed robbery. They were arrested with arms  and dangerous weapons.

In addition they had masks in the vehicle at the point of arrest. They took valuables and cash from their main victim, and on another occasion, they took a laptop from their victim. They would probably sell the whole stuff taken from the escapades. But for how much? Hazarding a guess, i would simply come up with the answer - peanuts.The suspects are both in the university and one would assume that they would have been given adequate allowances to cover their expenses.  Most especially being that they are children of public office holders. 

Public office holders are of  direct relevance here because, most these noveau riche,  have a tendency of flaunting their newly acquired wealth. Many times, children of  such politicians use cars that could never be affordable to them, even if they had the best jobs and have worked for years.What could then be responsible for the dastard acts these two boys got involved in? Could it be greed, could it adventure turned sour, could it even be a reaction to a broken family.I got to know  that the young men  neither live with their fathers or mothers, as the true situation is that the biological parents are separated and the fathers live with different women  as it catches their fancy.The boys have started living large and would surely want to keep up the image amongst their peers.  It may also be as a result of a funny practice among members  of some cults in our higher institutions. They carry out daring things, sometimes very harmful, to show off to their peers, that they are untouchable.What ever may be the reasons behind the nefarious acts, they can not be justified. The tag or label the boys have acquired will reside with them and their families for a very long time, probably a lifetime. Quite unfortunate, i would say.Why do children of the rich steal? I cant seem to fathom itWhat do you think?

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