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La Mamounia of Medina, Marrakech

By Boberika @boberika

Ravishing and regal, La Mamounia hotel is set in royal gardens, styled with Moorish opulence, and as sensuous as a Seraglio. Aware that it's guests (Winston Churchill was a fan) expect the best at this establishment, we were greeted at the entrance by at least six porters who graciously opened doors and directed us to the choice of bars and restaurants open to visitors. After a few hours of haggling in the markets with the hot afternoon sun beating down, this place was perfect to catch your breath and retreat from the crazy inner city life. We opted for the Moroccan style café at the end of the gardens and ate a variety of macaroons (with the French influence in Morocco, I knew they would be good) and sorbet topped with crushed walnuts, dates and honey, a sweet refreshing holiday afternoon treat... bliss!

The La Mamounia

The La Mamounia

The La Mamounia - delicious

The La Mamounia- chill laxing

The La Mamounia - what a cute cafe

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