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L.A. Chuck - The Catastrophe of 12,500 Years Ago - Ancient Equator of the Earth

Posted on the 18 March 2016 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
L.A. Chuck - The Catastrophe of 12,500 years ago - Ancient Equator of the Earth
"Take the lines out of Nazca and extend them all around the Earth and they all converge at Angkor Wat in Cambodia," says L.A. Chuck, the creator of the following (mind-blowing) youtube video linked to Graham Hancock's global catastrophe of 12,500 years ago, you know Noah's floods and all that asteroid shrapnel hitting ice-age North America and Western Europe and wiping out nearly all indigenous species in its path, and the Clovis people, for example.
Okay, okay, we all know that (certainly on such a global scale) geographical coincidences happen and one can draw any old line around the Earth and catch relevant historical monuments but, even taking all that into account and no matter where you draw this fak-e-quator, FIFTY ONE DEGREES is (still) the exact slope-angle of the Giza Pyramids. More UK-fleeing conehead-giant Nephilim mathematics in effect...

SUPPLEMENTAL NAZCA-LINEage: here's the first of L.A. Chuck's 'possible solution' to the Nazca Lines that is the basis for the previous video about Earth's Ancient Antediluvian Equator which he achieves by simply extending one of the Nazca Lines out around the globe, along what might have been the Ancient Equator and Ancient Poles.

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