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Kyrie Irving's Potential

By Realdarinford @realdarinford
Kyrie Irving the point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers is a beast and one the most talented players in the league right now. This kid has the potential to become the best point guard in the league and maybe the best player in the NBA. This year Irving is averaging 23.7 PPG and 5.3 APG. The Cavaliers Record is pitiful but if Kyrie Irving gets some help there is no doubt the Cavaliers would be in playoff contention and maybe title contenders. Kyrie has one of the best dribbles in the NBA and has a great perimeter shot. He can also get in the paint and score. He can pass the ball but isn't getting many assists because he doesn't have much help around him.. Kyrie needs to keep improving and get some more help on his team because the sky is the limit for this kid and he is the future of this league. Now go Kyrie show us how to get BUCKETS!!!!!
Kyrie Irving's Potential

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