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Kuwait Dentist – Veneers Versus Lumineers

By Umkhaloodie

Kuwait Dentist – Veneers versus Lumineers

I’ve been considering getting my teeth done for awhile……..*yikes* I hate the dentist. It really petrifies me. 

Anyway, I’ve been considering veneers and lumineers. I’ve done some research and here is what I’ve found out:


  • Painless procedure
  • Sensitivity-free results
  • Permanently white results that last
  • Quick and easy process

Painless and safe and no anaesthesia required………… check, check, check – I think I may opt for these, no anaesthesia sounds amazing. I’ve researched to see how reliable they are and the majority of people say that a good dentist can make them last a lifetime……..

While traditional veneers involve a much longer, more painful process that can take months, LUMINEERS placement is quick and painless.

The Traditional Veneer Process (Proceed at Your Own Risk)

Traditional veneers are sometimes referred to as crowns or caps. These porcelain sleeves are placed over teeth through a process that can demand extensive and irreversible cutting away of healthy tooth structure. This can require multiple painful shots and many visits to the dentist with long appointments.

Once teeth have been cut away, temporary crowns are placed on the teeth while the traditional veneers are made, which can take months. The temporaries are then removed, potentially requiring shots again, and the permanent veneers are placed. Sometimes additional appointments are required to ensure that bite is correct.

Not Veneers, LUMINEERS

In contrast to traditional veneers, LUMINEERS don’t require shots or drilling of sensitive tooth structure, and that means no pain. That’s because LUMINEERS are ultra-thin so they can be applied seamlessly over your existing teeth in only two easy visits to your dentist.

It takes only 2 easy visits to your dentist to bring out your beautiful smile. During your first visit a precision mold will be taken. You and your dentist will also choose the right shade for your new, permanently white smile. On your second visit, your custom designed LUMINEERS are checked for fit and shade.  Then, they’re painlessly attached.


Lumineers ——– I’m thinking this may be the right thing for me…… I’ll get back to you when I have made a decision, have contacted a few dentists to enquire about prices and times, will let you all know, fingers crossed….

Would appreciate feedback from anyone that has had this done. 

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