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Kristin Bauer Talks Complicated Maker-progeny Relationships

Posted on the 13 June 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault

Will Pam become all maternal now that she turned Tara?

“I don’t think it will ever look exactly like my mother from Wisconsin,” Kristin Bauer van Straten tells “We were watching a documentary last night on Africa, and we saw the crocodile mothers carrying their little babies in those huge jaws and I thought, ‘That’s a little bit more like what Pam will be,’” she says. While it’s hard to believe that Pam could eventually get there, van Straten insists that somewhere under the surface, Pam has “some room for caring about someone besides Eric.”
Of course, it won’t be easy. “The person she wanted to kill more than anyone – maybe except Marnie — she has to now have as her kid. So, she would only do that for Eric,” she says. “Pretty much all of her actions this year are to try and get back with Eric.”

It was in the season premiere that we witnessed Eric having furious vampire sex with his “sister” Nora – they are siblings because they were turned by Godric. Many fans expressed strong opinions about this coupling.

“It’s pretty blurry in the vampire world,” says van Straten. “So, brothers and sisters was fine. Cousins? Great! Mortal enemies? Even better! … Vampires are rock stars and royalty,” she adds. Alright, but what about Maker-father and Progeny-daughter? Pam has always looked at Eric with a more than daughterly gaze, and the process of creating a vampire is such a sexualized, intimate ritual. Perhaps their relationship wasn’t always so… instructional?

Kristin Bauer talks complicated maker-progeny relationships

Vampire relationships are complex, also the relationship between Pam and Eric.

“It’s great to finally see how this relationship with Eric began and also who Pam was before she was a vampire.” Kristin tells the Huffington Post. “I think it explains, or supports, so beautifully what we know of Pam. The writing was just so brilliant. It makes so much sense and also it was nice to try to find and play the character that you see threads of Pam. You see who she was as a human because humans have to deal with fear — fear of death, illness, money — all that stuff that vampires don’t have to worry about”

How’s the dynamic between Pam and Tara going to evolve this season?
It’s pretty fantastic because the best drama is conflict. You’ve got two people now tied together because Pam’s one Achilles’ heel has been tied into making this relationship possible, which is Sookie will fix things with Eric if she turns Tara. How else could you get Pam to turn someone she spent the last season trying to kill? She hates this girl and in a lot of ways, they’re very similar. They’re both in your face, they’re both bold, they’re both fearless, so it’s a lot of conflict.

Both have had relationships with women in the past.

Are we going to see any romance there?
I’d love to see how they can pull that off — two people trying to kill each other — but with this show, anything is possible. I cannot wait to answer that question as well. I heard in the books that Pam gets a girlfriend and I’m just so curious as to how and when that can ever happen.

From time to time you’ve had women that you’ve been, you know draining or something, but you’ve never had a love interest.
Right, no. I went down on one girl and that’s it. [Laughs.]

[Laughs.] You are ready. You are ready for a girlfriend.
Right, apparently Pam is. I don’t know if it’s just been off-camera or there’s been a dry spell.


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