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Kristin Bauer Talks About True Blood and Maleficent

Posted on the 31 October 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Kristin Bauer talks about True Blood and MaleficentAOL TV interviewed Kristin Bauer van Straten, about True Blood and her recent appearance on the new ABC show of ‘Once Upon a Time’ as Maleficent, the dark and twisted villainess of ‘Sleeping Beauty, who is up against Lana Parilla’s Evil Queen.

Kristin talks below about season 5 and also about a possible return to the fairy tale land, and admitted which fellow guest star made her go all fangirl.

I’m so happy to see you doing something fun and a bit evil on your hiatus. I’m already missing my Pam.
Aw, that’s so nice — me too! But I read the first script the other night, and it was really like, “Oh wow, we’re going back into Pam world.” I’m very excited. Now I know what’s going to happen in episode 1 of Season 5 … it’s pretty freaking exciting. That first table read is gonna be social hour.

Don’t tease me.
Isn’t it horrible? It’s really cruel! Every storyline was a cliffhanger [last season] … I love it. Those guys let you stretch every year. Interesting writing is so lucky for an actor.

And now you’ve got the ‘Lost’ guys writing an evil witch part for you.
Exactly! I mean, how lucky am I? Really, this sort of “evil bitch” typecasting is the most awesome thing in the world. I’m so OK with it — the clothing, the dialogue, the scene partners, the fantastical worlds. The whole thing is just … I just want to live here forever, just all year-round.

Nice is boring!
It’s true, and I get asked often, “You know, you seem pretty nice. Is it hard to get into playing the bitch?” I’m like, “No.” [Laughs] It really isn’t! Not sure why that is except we all think the thoughts, but we edit. So these characters are really fun to watch, to root for, to hate and to laugh at, because we all have that in there.


And then, asked Kristin about how Maleficent is different from Pam.

Kristin responded that ”she’s quite a bit different. One thing I discovered about Pam this past year is, boy, she is not a chess player. She says exactly what’s on her mind the minute it hits her mind and I think that’s what so fun about her. She’s incredibly truthful and direct and has no games to play and doesn’t suffer fools.

But when we get into this cartoon/storybook Once Upon A Time fantasy world and this evil character, Maleficent felt more like a real game player. She’s not going to show her hand, she enjoys the cat and mouse game [and] it’s a long-standing frenemy relationship [with the Evil Queen] so at times they’re allies, at times they’re not allies. I would imagine at times they both have something the other one wants but they don’t want to just come out and say it and they don’t want to play their hand. It’s more like the power playing we see in politics on Earth with countries and somebody wants this area and they’re allies and then they’re not and they go to war. It’s much more complicated. Pam is so much more direct.”


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