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Kristin Bauer Talks About Playing Icy-Hearted Vampire Pam

Posted on the 12 October 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Kristin BauerOur favorite True Blood vampire who gets all the best quotes on the show is Kristin Bauer van Straten who plays Eric Northman’s icy-hearted progeny Pam De Beaufort.

Kristin will appear from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 15 with fellow True Blood star Jim Parrack for a free fan meet-and-greet at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek in Florida. Read more about it here.

Kristin really loves playing the baddest bitch in Bon Temps. In a recent e-mail interview with City Link, she addressed the perks of playing a vampire and recalled the hilarious television role she played long before she developed fangs.

How has your life changed since True Blood went on the air?
Well, I now have to shower and wear some makeup to go to Starbucks. I have to borrow a little from Pam — be a tad more vain, as I could never say, “no” to a fan wanting a photo because I’m not wearing mascara. And I get asked my thoughts on things and I have lots to say about rights and free will, especially regarding animals, as they are truly innocent and voiceless. It is also possible playing Pam has opened the door to my being seen as a “fierce bitch,” I think is the term and I’m all for that typecasting.

How do you prepare to play Pam and what do you enjoy most about the role? What’s the most challenging part?
I try to be my most dry and sarcastic self. Then, I get in those clothes, sit in hair and makeup for two to five hours, and walk on to those gorgeous sets with these amazing actors, and 80 percent of the work has been created around me. All of that teamwork cannot be underestimated in how important it is to be able to believe I am an immortally bored vampire.

Were you familiar with the True Blood books before taking the role?
I was not. This entire world has been a delightful surprise.

What has been your most-memorable scene on the show so far?
Every year, there are many “most-memorable scenes” in my mind. Even the ones that I feel may be less memorable for Pam, I find out later from fans, that the fabulous dialog they wrote made an impact. I can tell you I was very curious to see how the face-rotting scenes looked, like the fight scene I had with Rutina [Wesley]. We worked two long nights on that, and I was really hoping I was very edgy. And I hear I was.

Since you played Jerry’s girlfriend with “man hands” on Seinfeld, what were your thoughts on that role and do fans still recognize you for that?
They do. Seinfeld fans are also a great, loyal group. It was such an amazing show. I have played such a variety of parts, I feel more like a character actor in many ways and value that about the parts I have gotten. I did a lot of comedy, many in sitcom format, and it is another world from True Blood and also so much joy.

On True Blood, who has been your favorite character or character(s) to interact with?
I am very partial to my maker, Eric [played by Alexander Skarsgård]. But I also have gotten to threaten Lafayette, flirt with Sookie, scowl at Bill, try to kill Tara a few times, ignore Ginger’s screams, check out Jason and give horrible advice to Jessica.

What is it like working with Alexander Skarsgård?
Fang f-ing tastic.


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