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Kosher Food in the United Nations?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
After Danny Danon got the United Nations last year to recognize Yom Kippur as an official UN holiday, Danon is working to make the UN more Jew, or Israel, friendly.
Danon has sent a letter to Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, saying that despite the numerous Jews working in various capacities in the United Nations and Jewish diplomats from various nations, there is no kosher food to be found in the United Nations cafeteria. All citizens of the world should feel desired in the UN.
In addition, Danon also requested that the UN give approval to more than just the one kosher caterer it approves of for catering kosher events within the UN complex. Because there is only 1 approved caterer, costs of catering kosher events cost the Israeli delegation 40% more than other [non-kosher] caterers in the complex. More approved caterers will mean cheaper prices.
source: Ladaat
Good for Danon. I have no idea how many people go through the UN that would benefit from this, but if he is helping any Jew keep kosher while at work there, that is a good thing.
Who knows? soon the UN might actually be a Jew-friendly organization!
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