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Kosher Electricity Provides Protection from Rockets, Not Just in Bnei Braq

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I remember back in 1990-1991, during the Gulf War, people were saying that Bnei Braq was safe because of an old promise made by the Chazon Ish and that no Scud rockets would fall in Bnei Braq. This promise was referenced when Bnei Braq rabbinic leaders such as Rav Chaim Kanievsky and others were asked about the need to don gas masks in Bnei Braq, shave beards for gas masks, run to sealed rooms, etc.
The same promise of the Chazon Ish was referenced again whenever the country has come under threat of rocket attacks from Hamas and Hezbollah, with increasingly longer range rockets threatening more and more parts of the country.
Rav Yizchak Zilbershtein, rav of the Ramat Elchonon neighborhood of Bnei Braq has now extended the Chazon Ish's promise and has said that any city that uses 100% kosher electricity for Shabbos, form a generator instead of from the electric company, will benefit from the same protection afforded by the Chazon Ish's promise as Bnei Braq does.
According to the JDN, Rav Chaim Kanievsky in the past has already extended the promise to Modiin Ilit where generators are used on Shabbos by the vast majority of the residents.
The question is if it applies to neighborhoods as well or only to cities. Meaning, if an entire neighborhood uses kosher electricity on Shabbos, but the city does not, will that neighborhood be afforded this protection, or is it only all or nothing at the city level?
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