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Korean Android Themes

By Berrycreamie @mhi1106
Admit it ladies, that when you first got your hands on your android phone the thing that you're concern about was its look. Am I right? Themes. You  we depend much on our themes to make it even more prettier, we even bought the cutest casing for our phone! 
Without further ado, let me show you these adorable android themes that I saw earlier when I was reading and browsing naver. :) Also, do not forget to install dodol Launcher first in order to use these cutesy themes on your android phones. (download dodol Launcher here)
Korean Android Themes
ALWAYS SMILE (Download) Korean Android Themes
BLANKET (Download) Korean Android Themes
MCM (Download) Korean Android Themes
COLOR MAKER (Download) Korean Android Themes
HYOLIN (Download) Korean Android Themes
2NE1 (Download) Korean Android Themes
PINK MONAMI (Download) Korean Android Themes
WALK THE PALPITATING WAY (Download) Korean Android Themes
LOVE LOVE (Download) Korean Android Themes
Of course that's not all you can find more themes at: These are just my top picks from dodol Launcher themes. All their themes are made by Korean designers so, K-lovers out there~ you might want to try this themes on your mobile phones now! They're all pretty and I know that some of you might change their themes every day. LOL Hope you liked and enjoyed this post! :) Share it to your friends as well!
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