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Know Your Beer

By Blairbarnes
Samuel Adams beer glass

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I work at a country club in my area, and all (well, most) of the
members there are pretentious jerks. I had a middle aged member come
in and seat himself. I greeted him and offered him a number of drinks,
and he decided on a Samuel Adams. I walk back into the server station,
open a bottle of Sam and pour it into a glass. When I brought it out
and set it in front of him he looked at me like I had three heads.
“What is this?” he asked. “That’s your Samuel Adams sir”. He takes a
sip and says “This is not Sameul Adams, this is a Yuengling!” “No sir,
I poured it myself I can assure you that is a Sameul Adams”. He then
becomes very frustrated with me and starts to raise his voice. “I have
been a member at this club for thirty years! I know beer and I know
that this is a Yuengling!” At this point I lose hope and learned I was
never going to win. I apologized to him and offered him something
else, but he decided to finish it anyway. About fifteen minutes later
he waves me down and is ready for another round. Just to be sure I
asked him if he wanted a Samuel Adams or a Yuengling, and he snapped
at me for another Yuengling. I walk back into the server station, open
a bottle of Sam, pour it in a glass and set it on his table. He drank
the whole thing without saying a word. He obviously knows beer.

- Bobby

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