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Know Why People Love to Play Online Games on iPhones

Posted on the 18 October 2012 by Simplyfutb01 @simplyjuan11

PLaying online games

By Lisa Jane

Online Cartoon Network games, for example, take the place of cassette tapes – or those early handheld games consoles like the Game Boy and the other one, the one Sega made that had a color screen. Playing games on your iPhone is about passing time having fun, and it can be about sharing too – when all your friends are into the same games, you can post your high scores on each other’s social media streams to enhance the fun.

Modern handheld gaming is way more sophisticated than even console gaming used to be. It’s possible, for example, to play a Ben 10 level that you have designed yourself – with anyone else who happens to be connected at the time. So you get to design unique games for you and your friends and then have them tested out around the world.

There’s no denying that the iPhone has revolutionised the way we use a handheld communications devices. These days owning a phone is about having fun, about enjoying your favorite online activities wherever and whenever you happen to be. That can mean emailing, staying in touch with your social network – or it can mean playing games like Cartoon Network games whenever the urge strikes you.

There are plenty of Cartoon Network games in the iTunes app store, with more being added all the time. Indeed, in the last couple of months the quantity of character and title based games offered on iTunes by the Cartoon Network seems to have increased considerably – giving the iPhone user the kind of choice he or she has come to expect.

To retrieve, download and play Cartoon Network games on the iPhone, it’s important to have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. The system requirements of the newest games may be built with the new version of iTunes in mind: and you can find that you get prompted for the newest version before you get through to the app store to pick up your game.

Not all Cartoon Network games are paid for – there are plenty of free ones, which can also be streamed live from the site itself. Do bear in mind, when you stream games, that you are continually using data from your monthly or contract allowance: while games purchased or got free from the app store are downloaded whole, so you can shift them from iTunes into your phone when you sync it.

The app store, despite its name, doesn’t charge for every game, or for every version of every game. It is, for example, quite common to find games in iTunes that give you a taster level or two for free, but require payment for the full version.

Lisa is a freelance writer based in North Wales who is really addicted to Cartoon Network games. When not playing online games; Lisa can usually be found swimming or reading a good book.

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