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Know Thy Self: Not What Others Say Or Claim You To Be

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

288061_flower_shadowsThere are people who will judge and classify others based purely on one or two incidents of any particular encounter.

A few specific moments and descriptions out of a person’s life does not summarize their entire life story or personality.

Many people do assume and speculate due to ignorance and misinterpretation of facial expression, body language, tone of expression, or suspicious behavior that is perceived by the senses from generalizations. Not from insight or true wisdom.

They then proceed on with treating and referring to the object of their opinion in accordance to what they consider them to be or to represent.

No doubt this circumstance is enough to piss anyone off. Especially if they are being belittled or underestimated incorrectly and unduly.

It does not really matter what others say or think. The problem lies when some people accept the untrue impressions that others may get from them through their own incompetence or irrationality.

Constantly debating with one’s self on account of the lack of acuity of another.

One man who was a stranger who spotted my mother and I at a train station when I was very young thought that just because she was not wearing any socks on her feet with her shoes that she was homeless and he tried to pick us up.

“Do you have any milk for the baby? He asked. This imbecile turned out to be a pimp. My mother just ignored him and kept on walking.

I have experienced this issue before. Mostly at an early age. When one is a child or a teen adults think and assume that they are able to pinpoint and figure out what exactly is behind or at the root of the child’s behavior.

Once, all I did was open up my mouth to talk and to say a few words and this grown man instantly uttered out “Oh, No”. He then went on to address a few more expressions of his opinion.

I do not remember each and everyone of his statements word for word because this incident took place so long ago so I do not want to lie or to add or take away anything from the story. However, he said something to the effect of me being timid and easy to fall for anything, or to be taken advantage of simply because I had a soft spoken voice.

This man who was a drug addict who had recently been shot five times made me angry and I told him off very badly right in front of another guy who was there present.

Afterward, the man who was too quick with his tongue suddenly had a change of heart. He then apologized, acknowledging his mistake. “I wish my daughter was like you”, he imparted to me.

In reality, it was his own child who was the one who was easy to get over on. Some people do not like to be alone when going through trying ordeals or unfortunate circumstances.

Two junkies (dopefiends) that I had known years ago claimed that just because I had a young and innocent looking face along with a sweet speaking clear voice meant that I would indeed appear to be the type who would fall for anything.

So what? If I looked all hard and worn out and spoke coarse and illiterate I would appear to be more of a person who was able to perceive or to not fall prey to a maneuver?

Oh, please! Give me some credit for never getting caught up into the pitfalls of society.

To me, that summary sounded ridiculous but that was their mentality. There are plenty of people who fall into this man’s category along with the certain others.

Another example is if one person has more body weight on them than that of another person then they will sometimes automatically assume that they can beat them up or get the best of them within a physical fight. This is not always the case. Size is not relevant in situations all of the time.

If people see a male and a female hanging around with one another constantly or for about two or three weeks straight there will be assumptions that they are in a relationship together. Sometimes that may be the case but not always.

My mother and I use to have male visitors who would be around us quite often in the distant past and there was nothing romantic or sexual going on even if some of the men were in fact interested.

I could go on and on about the silly notions that some people hold onto, believe in, and go by but I do not need to elaborate on the nonsense.

I fortunately have come across those who do possess logical perspectives and keen intellect.

People have and will continue to make judgments about people in general too quickly based on typical instances which inspire assumption.

It can either be infuriating or hilarious when accusations are made against us depending on what is being said or directed upon one.

Nevertheless, no one can define who we truly are as individuals. No one knows us better than we know ourselves. And no one can dictate and tell us who we genuinely are.

A lot of people put their own insecurities on others.

I never take what I know is not true to heart at the same time it is very important for one to stand up and take up for their self when it is necessary.

Some people become what others imagine them to be because they do not have a total grip on who they actually are. No one should ever let anyone make them lose their individuality.

Some people who constantly hear an insult or compliment tend to eventually believe in what they are being told, or what is being said and heard by them.

No one should ever depend on anyone in particular to build them up or to tear them down. Never rely on the bias assessments or narrow-minded opinions of those who definitely do not count.

The person who may be the closest to one does not always truly know, or know everything that there is to know about that person.

We can live with and around individuals for years who turn out to be strangers.

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