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Knotting T-Shirt Yarn Wrist Scarves

By Elena @Midsommarflicka

Knotting T-Shirt Yarn Wrist ScarvesHello there!
Today starts The Scarf Week - that's something my blog bestie Lauren from The Thinking Closet invented last year. And this year she invited me to participate. (Yeah!) The Scarf Week is bloglands answer to the Shark Week (Which seems to be something happening in US TV this week, yes? We don't have that over here!).

So, how does it work now? Well, each day a few bloggers will post fun ideas to DIY - all about scarves!

At the end of each post here you'll find a collage with all others posts as well, so click around & be inspired!! Here's the plan for the week:

Knotting T-Shirt Yarn Wrist Scarves
But at first, have a look at my project for today?! :) I began with collecting all my scraps from T-Shirt yarn - and I believe they are all from the supercraft box (supercraft is a DIY subscription box here in Germany. The one, where I made that necklace from (the lower one) - but never all the other things that I could have done.

When I looked at my scraps I knew I didn't wanted to make a real scarf because to get a scarf that would not consist of just one strip I would need to combine a few colors and I didn't liked that. I liked grey and white or blue and white together. But not anymore, please. So, instead I began with thinking about making something for my wrist - yes, I know, that's not really a scarf, but whatever. Also, I asked Lauren and she approved.

Knotting T-Shirt Yarn Wrist Scarves
I'm currently in a maritime mood, so after a while I found myself researching sailor's knots... But they weren't as satisfying as I thought. But thanks to pinterest I found another one that was satisfying. Here's how to make it: (And yes, I used exactly those colors I don't like. But those can be seen best on photos.)
Knotting T-Shirt Yarn Wrist Scarves
After you've made the knot, it's time for a little sewing. Just align the four stripes from each side and sew them together individually! I also sewed a little tube to put over the seams:

Knotting T-Shirt Yarn Wrist Scarves

Knotting T-Shirt Yarn Wrist Scarves

Knotting T-Shirt Yarn Wrist Scarves

Knotting T-Shirt Yarn Wrist Scarves

And there you have it :)

Knotting T-Shirt Yarn Wrist Scarves
And because I made this one in the colors I don't like - if any of you would like to have it, just leave a creative reason why you should have it and I choose one and ship it (wordwide) after Scarf Week has ended!

Also, don't forget to check out all the other fabulous projects:

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Knotting T-Shirt Yarn Wrist Scarves
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Coming Soon....

To access all 5 days of Scarf Week, visit our co-coordinators, Lauren from The Thinking Closet and Vanessa from Tried & True. They'll be updating their posts with the clickable collages as they go live this week. And you can also follow along with our hashtag, #ScarfWeek2015.

To say it with Laurens words: It'll be wave after wave of killer inspiration, no fish-bones about it!
And be sure to stop back here tomorrow to see my next scarf tutorial!

Knotting T-Shirt Yarn Wrist Scarves

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