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Knesset Recognizes Day to Fight Violence Against Women (video)

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I didn't watch the entire video of all the speeches in honor of the day for the fight against violence against women, kind of skipped around a bit. I particularly liked MK Abutbol at the beginning inviting Jonathan Pollard to move to Bet Shemesh.. no idea what that had to do with the issue of violence against women, but ok. He speaks again later, so maybe this first speech was leftover from something else. MK Baruchi (at about the 22:20 minute marker) was also interesting. I was impressed by how he could express an opinion opposed to the fight against violence against women - to be fair, he thinks women should not be singled out, not that this violence doesn't exist, but the opposition to violence should be to all violence within the family, including against children and husbands, along with against women.

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