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By Ally @allykitchen

This is a sponsored post. I'm partnering with Brabantia and am receiving compensation to review their storage container products for the kitchen. Believe me, all of the opinions are solely my own. It takes a lot of time to do a product review, and I take my responsibility seriously because you, my foodie peeps, trust me. And, I don't review products that I wouldn't myself want for my kitchen or in my life. In this case, I consider these containers to be kitchen art & storage. Read on and see what my impressions are of the storage containers from Brabantia.

First of all, I love fashion. I love pretty things. Whether it's something I'm wearing, cooking in or storing, I want it to look sharp and snappy and be a reflection of me. That's one of the first things I noticed when I received the stackable storage container and stackable tea container. The boxes that these products were packed in were simply beautiful. I mean, I got excited looking at the chic photos on the box, the intricate folds of the boxing to protect the containers and then on the last flap to open, there was a "hand written" (of course not really) message from the CEO thanking me for 'purchasing' the product. It said, "Thank you for purchasing our Storage Jar. We hope it will delight you and that it will get a special place in your home." Now, that's just a unique personal touch to screams class and quality to me.

kitchen art & storage

When I pulled them from the boxes, I immediately thought, why in the world would I stick these containers in a cupboard, cabinet or pantry when they're so chic and lovely. I noticed that the glass is more like a hand blown quality, yet durable, than a typical glass storage container. On the bottom of the glass, another special touch, the logo. Similar to a couture handbag, piece of jewelry, designer shirt, etc., this logo of Brabantia was subtle yet distinct letting you know that, once more, you have a quality high-end piece.

kitchen art & storage

Next, my job was to test these storage containers. Would they live up to their image and looks. No doubt they did. Both the storage container and tea container held a good amount of 'stuff'. The tea container has the nifty separator that lets you put in several types of tea and keep each in its own 'area'. After a few hours, I reopened this container and the aroma was distinct and luscious telling me that the air tight container with a very unique design worked.

Actually, I've not seen a lid for a container like this lid with the Brabantia product. When it's placed on the top and pushed down, you hear a distinct quiet 'swoosh' sound. That says to me that it's doing its air tight work, flushing out air to keep what's inside fresher for longer. Then the top of the lid has about a quarter inch rim around it. Why? So you can stack these containers and not worry about them slipping and sliding and falling off. While I stacked only two, I'm sure I could have easily stacked four or five without worry of toppling over. What an organization idea. And, space saving. Going up and not out. I'm sure this kind of product would be a necessity for those owning 'tiny homes'!

kitchen art & storage

Finally, what I really like about these containers is that they a versatile. You can store a variety of things in them everything from pasta to cookies to ground coffee and more. But you can also store other items. I could see putting small bottles of medicine, like aspirins, Tylenol, etc., maybe band-aids, ointments. Anything that you wanted to keep fresh for longer. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination!

Certainly these storage containers will be something that you'll be proud to display on your open kitchen shelves or counters. There's nothing more appealing and artsy than seeing different shaped pasta, cookies, beans, oats, rice and other beautiful food products front and center in your kitchen.

My only wish for this product would be that you could purchase different colored and designed lids for these containers and swap them out for some variety of even more style. Imagine a 'boho ally' paisley printed lid or a beautiful peace sign on the lid. Yes, probably a tad bit more pricey, but even more style and sleek design for your kitchen! And, I'm willing to pay extra for that.

PS: I've got giving away to 5 lucky winners some of these containers. Hope you're in time to enter!

Art for your Kitchen. Why hide these gorgeous containers!
I'm giving away to FIVE lucky winners.

Reasons I love them:

1. Air Tight~you literally hear the swoosh when you close the lid.
2. Stackable~no worries about slipping and sliding, cool lid design
3. Beautiful Glass~like a piece of art
4. Versatile~so many things you can store
5. Design~you'll not want to hide these in cabinets or pantries

TO ENTER go here:

Brabantia #spon #giveaway

Posted by Ally's Kitchen on Tuesday, August 16, 2016


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