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Kitchen 101 Review

By Bloggerfather @bloggerfather
Kitchen 101 cover My parents never told me cooking was a woman's job, but they also never insisted I learn to cook. In their defense, I'm pretty sure they didn't insist my sister learn to cook either.
So by the time I moved to a place by myself, I had very few simple things I could make in the kitchen, and the rest I learned over time: just a few signature dishes for a little bit of variety.
I have two kids, though, and I'm a stay-at-home-dad, which means it's time to get a little bit more variety.
I got myself a free copy of Kitchen 101: Secrets to Cooking with Confidence to review, because I was pretty sure the problem wasn't that I couldn't read a recipe, but that I just didn't read any. I was skeptical of my success, but I had to try. I had to end this review with one more dish, or die trying.
The book features many recipes and many pictures to help pave even the most non-kitchen-friendly parents a safe path into the kitchen. In the words of the publishers:
It features easy-to-follow, pantry friendly recipes and tips that make whipping up a satisfying healthy meal a stress-free process. All the recipes have easy to recognize symbols identifying which ones are freezer-friendly, vegetarian, and diabetic-friendly, and also have crock-pot options.

And there you have it--my cinnamon rolls masterpiece (the recipe is one of the first ones--they do get a little more complicated later, but definitely doable, even for me). Actually, we were all eating so many of these, that I forgot to take a picture. I quickly pulled the plate from my boy, took the picture, and gave it back to him before he accused me of ruining his childhood.
kitchen 101

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