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Kisses and Hisses

By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
Five years.
Depending on how you see it, it might be a long or a short time. Now that I've turned 30, five years means one-sixth of my life or 16.7%.
Yes, that symbolises how long I have been married to the same man.
If that doesn't sound that long, let's think about it, we have been together as a couple since 2003 and that would mean a decade which makes up a third of my life or 33.3%.
Now, that feels pretty awesome.
We have come a long way from the wild party animals in university to the head-over-heels-in-love newlyweds to the now blissful and mature parents of two.
Kisses and hissesToday is the day when I like to reminisce and flip through memories of our ROM beach wedding. The day when I decided to put my life into his hands, the day when I committed to a lifetime of love, the day when I put on my wedding band, the day when I grew up.
And when that happens, I feel blessed and glad that I have this man as my hubby who loves me for who I truly am.
Kisses and hisses
Looking forward to more five years and decades of love.
Happy 5th Anniversary, my dear.
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