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Kingswood ‘Ohio’

By Theneonhub @theneonhub

While in Australia I came across the radio station Triple J and I was impressed with the number of really good Australian bands and musicians, and quite surprised they hadn’t made it over to our half of the world yet. Vance Joy, who neon showcased in September, dominated the airwaves with his fantastically catchy ‘Riptide’ but another band that had me telling my mom to shhh and desperately trying to find something to scribble their name down on like I was fifteen again was Kingswood.

Four long-haired young men with a southern sound and self-assured swagger, Kingswood are reminiscent of Kings of Leon back when they were taking too many drugs, sleeping with too many women and were far more fun (the music, of course).

Hailing from Melbourne, Kingswood landed a prestigious spot supporting Aerosmith in their native town earlier this year. Obviously taking note from rock and roll royalty, you can hear Steven Tyler’s sexy, screeching vocals and Led Zep style big guitars in Kingswood’s latest single ‘Ohio.’ The grindhouse-inspired nine-minute video shows the boys have a cheeky side too.

Check out their older single ‘She’s my Baby’, which has an intoxicating energy similar to early Wolfmother.

With a newly released EP ‘Change of Heart’ and a new album planned for next year with Grammy award-winning producer of The Raconteurs, Vance Powell, it looks like Kingswood is a name we will be hearing more often on this side of the world.

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