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Kings Go 82-0

By Seliharris @seliharris
Kings Go 82-0 Yes, I do realize how ridiculous of a statement that is - the Los Angeles Kings ending this season with a record of 82-0, I mean. Of course this will never happen, but I do think it's fun to fascinate about. I also believe that, if any team could achieve this herculean feat, it would be the Kings - I would say that though, being a big fan and all.
The team has their starting roster set, and they kick off their 2013-2014 season tonight, facing off against the Minnesota Wild on the road. Both of the teams begin their seasons tonight, and I'm sure both want to come out strong. With that in mind, it should be a good game. I'll go ahead and predict that the Kings don't crush my hopes for a season long win streak on night one. That would be swell.

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