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King Louis XIV

Posted on the 27 July 2012 by Candornews @CandorNews

King Louis XIV

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As many people know, King Louis XIV was one of the most powerful, liked, and influential kings of France. Louis XIV had a strong hand on his rule over France. It was almost as if he had no other choice but to rule this way. In order to maintain his strict and powerful image King Louis XIV practiced several different ways to establish rule over his nobles.

To begin, on the Mississippi State University website they offer a great description of how King Louis XIV controlled his nobles. One of these ways was placing strict rules on how his nobles dress and act. MSU’s website says by doing this he was able to limit the political activity of the nobles. This site also mentions that court etiquette, and how one presents his or her self in court is a good sign of that person’s prestige and superiority over others. Therefore the king’s nobles were so busy practicing their court etiquette; no one really had time to rebel against the king. Overall the daily schedule of the nobles centered around the king, and trying to show the king why they were of good service to him.

Moreover, it truly did seem as if the king had control over every part of his nobles’ lives. According to the MSU website, other rules and limitations of noble men included, but were not limited to, using ones left pinky finger to scratch, not knock, on the door if he or she wished to speak to the king. Additionally, Women were never allowed to hold hands with a man. Also, in order for a man to sit down he had to first, place his left forward, then put his arms down by his side, and then slowly lower himself into the chair. These are just a few of the very strict rules King Louis XIV placed over nobles.

In conclusion, it is very evident that King Louis XIV tried, and succeeded at controlling just about every second of his noble’s lives. It seems strange that this king was so well liked, because he had so much control over his people’s lives. Nevertheless, he ruled France, for the most part, exactly how he wanted to without anyone stopping him. It is for this reason why some would call him the exception to the fate of Kings and other rulers that tried to lead a country in a similar way as King Louis XIV.

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