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King Grisly-Beard

By Itellyouastory

A great king of a land  far away in the East  had a daughter who wasvery beautiful, but so  proud, and  haughty, and  conceited, that  noneof  the princes who came to ask her in  marriage was good enough forher, and  she only made sport of them.

Once upon a time the  king held a great feast,  and asked thither allher suitors; and they all sat in a row, ranged according to theirrank—kings, and princes, and dukes,  and earls, and counts,  and barons,and  knights. Then the princess came  in, and as  she passed by  themshe had  something spiteful to say to every one. The first  was too fat:«He’s as round as  a tub,» said she. The  next was too  tall: «What amaypole!» said she.  The next was too short: «What a dumpling!» saidshe. The fourth was too  pale, and she called him «Wallface.»  The fifthwas too  red, so she called  him «Coxcomb.» The sixth was not  straightenough; so she  said he was like  a green stick, that had been laid todry over a baker’s oven. And thus  she had some joke to crack upon everyone: but she laughed more than all at  a good king who was there.  «Lookat him,» said she;  «his beard is like  an old mop; he shall be calledGrisly-beard.» So the king got the nickname of Grisly-beard.


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