Kimberly Stone’s POSHGLAM Gives the Fashionista Something To Talk About

Posted on the 22 May 2022 by Betty T. Edwards Betty

Through her fashion portal POSHGLAM, entrepreneur Kimberly Stone provides a unique approach for individuals to interact with the fashion industry. The long-running site, founded in 2005, is fashion news and social marketplace.

It has become a go-to site for all things fashionable because of its large user base and curated selection of luxury designers. It has allowed brands to build relationships with customers while increasing their market.

POSHGLAM is now focusing on attracting premium fashion and luxury brands to sell on the web through its social shopping platform. The site’s news, social and marketplace features are to combine with the new eCommerce platform.

Kimberly Stone Sitting Swimsuit

This development will result in a fully immersive shopping experience. An experience that both the user and the fashionista will want to talk about.

Kimberly Stone is a plus-size model who started her own business at an early age after being encouraged by her family to do so. POSHGLAM was founded by her passion for art, fashion, design, and media while still in college.

Kimberly and her website have helped several fashion designers and brands grow into the well-known brands we all know and love. POSHGLAM is currently on the lookout for more brands to join the platform.


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