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Kim Kardashian Carries $30K Diaper Bag

By Covethercloset @covethercloset
kim kardashian expensive designer diaper bag what kind covet her closet celebrity gossip fashion trends 2013 hermes{Kim Kardashian’s Gawdy Diaper Bag // SGGS/AKM-GSI©}

Wondering what sort of diaper bag to buy?  Some opt for the already pricey Petunia Pickle Bottom, but it’s oh so worth it, even for the $190 price tag.  Well, apparently if you are Kim Kardashian, you shun those sort of normal people diaper bags and opt for an Hermes that costs 30K.  I am not sure how this can truly be tat great an idea.  Where are the bottle pockets, the organizational compartments for diapers and basically keeping everything from being a big jumbled mess?  Perhaps she has thought of something.  Can’t she just carry something a little less in your face, a little less–this can feed a country in Africa for more than 3 weeks?  I don’t know why this annoys me, everyone should be able to spend their money in the way that they choose, but this is utterly ridiculous.  Girl has way to much money.  Sure hope she gives a huge chunk of her earnings to deserving charities.  Most people who have the money wouldn’t even bother carrying an Hermes that large, let alone using it to serve as their diaper bag.  What do you think?

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