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#Killzone 3 DLC Inbound: "From the Ashes" Pack Arrives Tuesday

Posted on the 17 June 2011 by Acdarkknight @thedpadgames
Guerrilla Games releases its third DLC refresh for the well recevied Killzone 3 on this Tuesday, June 21. The DLC will include 4 maps for $4.99, two being new and two being re-releases of Killzone 2 maps. Joining the Warzone map rotation is the Lente Missile Base which will allow for 24 player matches in the Kaznan Jungle. Check out the trailer below for a closer look. The second map will be set for Guerrilla Warfare and pit 16 players on two teams against one another on a mobile Helghast mining platform. Dubbed "part resource production facility, part moving fortress" it sounds like the mobile fortress will have a lot of ins and outs Guerrilla Warfare players will have to deal with. Check out the official trailer for a more in depth look at the new map. These two new maps will also be followed by the Killzone 2 maps, Tharsis Depot and Radec Academy. The details on these two maps are scarce but will be reviled on the PlayStation Blog this week. Check back to see our coverage and play with us on Killzone 3 almost nightly! Either message us in the comments for an invite or hit us up on our email! For HELGHAN! Invite your friends to join the Fan Boy Nation!

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