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‘Killjoys’ Recap: ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting…An Alien Parasite’

Posted on the 12 August 2018 by Entertainmentjolt @Entertain_Jolt

Last night’s episode of Killjoys is the episode, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting…An Alien Parasite” (4×04), is the episode we’ve all been waiting for…when everyone is finally back together in one place. The episode primarily focuses on what happens on Lucy (voiced by Tamsen McDonough) with Team Awesome Force reunited once again and Delle Seyah Kendry (Mayko Nguyen) about to deliver a baby.  

‘Killjoys’ Recap: ‘What Expect When You’re Expecting…An Alien Parasite’D’avin Jaqobis (Luke Macfarlane) is continuing to try to hold it all together, emotionally along with the group as a whole.  In my opinion, he still needs a hug…and still doesn’t get one. He’s trying to be optimistic and happy even with Dutch still unconscious as he talks to her.  This episode really has him pulled in just about every direction without a shoulder to really lean on, which is normally Dutch. He’s trying to keep Delle Seyah comfortable as Zeph (Kelly McCormack) is trying to figure out how to deliver the far too large (and growing baby) when Delle Seyah’s Hullen super healing isn’t even letting her incision stay open for more than a second.  Johnny Jaqobis (Aaron Ashmore) is busy in the other room slamming his head against the wall and still a very messed up evil Hullen version.  Pree (Thom Allison) is on standby for anything he can do, including pour some liquor.   

When Dutch finally wakes up, it’s green space Aneela (Hannah John-Kamen) who urges her to wake and to find John Jaqobis in a very maternal way.  It’s in this moment that we also find out that Dutch remembers everything that happened at the end of the previous episode before she passed out, including shooting Johnny.  Lucy, however, will not allow her out per D’avin’s orders. I feel like the Lucy banter in trying to distract Dutch is something that she’s learned and ties back into the first episode of the season where we get the origin story and Johnny teaches Lucy about humans.  When Lucy offers to tell Dutch a story all I could think was that that is the last thing that she wants since that’s all she heard her entire life from Khlyen (Rob Stewart) and what she’s supposed to be holding onto right now.  Instead of waiting for D’avin or Lucy calling for D’avin, Dutch decides to get herself out and Lucy tells her, “tampering with my system will void the warranty”.  Lucy’s response was something I just found hilarious.

Meanwhile, the whole reason why D’avin isn’t at Dutch’s side is that there’s still the issue of getting the baby out of Delle Seyah, who is just getting more and more pissed off the longer it goes on.  Pippin Foster (Atticus Mitchell) being super helpful reminds D’avin that “technically your kid is a science experiment”, which doesn’t help anything.  From how quickly Zeph explains the child is growing, it really seems like Aneela’s experiment was never to actually go through the process of experiencing a childhood or growing up (or perhaps that was something that was tweaked along the way)…so I’m expecting this kid to be a teenager by the end of the next episode.  

While Zeph calms Delle Seyah and works on a plan to get the baby out, Dutch and D’avin finally talk in the hallway about what exactly happened.  These are such an intense and yet quiet exchanges between the two of them with a moment of crazy Johnny in between. D’avin tries to explain and Dutch reacts…not with a hug (as he really needs), but by slapping him across the face.  He throws at her that she wasn’t there so she doesn’t get to judge. This really feels like a throwback to Dutch’s dialog in “Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye” (1×07) to D’avin where she tells him: “I’m not judging you right now because I have no right to judge.  So whatever you’ve done, I promise you I have done worse. If you can’t be forgiven, then what chance is there for me?”  This seems to knock her back to the reality of it all and to her senses even though it’s not vocalized because of the interruptions, but D’avin wants to know what happened in the green.

Dutch returns to talk to Johnny again, which is surprising with how afraid she clearly was of him when she’d first gone in to see him.  We’ve never seen Dutch actually afraid of Johnny, not like that, only for him and his safety. She expects him to know something that Khlyen wanted her to know, but he just mocks her and tells her that he doesn’t know anything.  In this moment, Dutch seems broken…there’s so many reasons for this, but I wonder if she expects to really be able to break through to John since he’s the one that she’s normally able to be more vulnerable around.

Delle Seyah is actually worried and takes D’av’s hand for comfort.  Zeph comes up with the idea to transfuse some of D’avin’s blood to Delle Seyah in order to weaken her enough for them to safely deliver the baby.  Delle Seyah’s in a lot of pain and it all seems normal until all the monitors start to go crazy and she throws up green. They disconnect and wait it out, hoping to be able to still find a safe way to get the baby out.  

“It was good to be home, Luce,” Dutch tells Lucy as she sits in the pilot chair and changes their coordinates from returning to the Quad to going in the direction of where she knows a green plasma pool will be without giving anyone a head’s up.  She wants to save John and they find out that the pool on the planet (which was on Johnny’s plasma map) is also crystalized solid like the one Dutch came out. They find out that all of the other plasma pools are in the same state and it suddenly feels even more hopeless because they don’t believe they can cure Johnny.  

Dutch and D’avin go to Johnny and tell him that they can’t fix him.  I was a little surprised by this and Johnny tries to get them to kill him then, he even blames Dutch and continues to push buttons.  He tells them that his heart goes from Hullen to human and he feels like he’s losing them both over and over again and he can’t stand it.  Dutch doesn’t want to give up hope, but Johnny tells him that he is…and starts lunging at them. Eventually, he ends up breaking his neck.  If he were fully Hullen, it would likely have repaired no problem in a snap.

Zeph seems to have gone crazy as she shoves a knife into Johnny’s neck when she realizes that the plasma parasite is starting to leave his brain.  In that moment, it’s Dutch and D’av who together have to make the decision to try to save Johnny. Zeph is absolutely amazing and tells Dutch, “I don’t tell you how to shoot, don’t tell me how to science”, and ends up amazingly saving Johnny.  

We get this lovely short moment between Johnny and Dutch and he’s realizing everything he has to apologize, including shooting his brother.  Dutch shrugs it off and tells him “that’s like a hug in our family by now”, which feels true…Dutch shot John upon meeting him and D’avin stabbed Johnny when he was mind controlled.  She asks him for help, explaining about what happened in the green and about the story Khlyen told her she had to hold onto. Dutch confesses that she broke, but that The Lady doesn’t know why that story…and John doesn’t know what it means.  Dutch seems even more upset in that moment.

There’s this great moment from Pree where he’s trying to be as helpful as he can to deal with the sassy evil pregnant lady who killed his friend and makes it clear that the only reason she’s alive is the child.  Delle Seyah just wants to talk to Dutch and with Pree’s sass, he ends up knocked out while offering her ice chips, and no one will bring her Dutch. So, she goes looking for her. Finding Dutch, Delle Seyah attacks and chokes her demanding to know where Aneela is.  D’avin comes up pointing a gun at Delle Seyah’s head demanding she let Dutch go and there’s this moment of whether or not D’av would risk the child. Delle Seyah points out that the child she’s carrying is Aneela’s and it’s unique…and that’s when Dutch realizes that the baby is actually supposed to be for The Lady.  Dutch promises to find Aneela and save her since she had saved her in the green.

Zeph explains that they basically have to do what they did Johnny in order to deliver the baby, which will cleanse her of being Hullen.  Zeph delivers a healthy and large baby boy and Delle Seyah is feeling absolutely everything now that she’s not Hullen. There’s this wonderful moment where everyone (except Delle Seyah) is so happy about the baby being born and D’avin takes him and he’s absolutely wonderful with his son.  

During the entire episode, we get brief glimpses into what happened to Dutch in the green space, which much of it feels familiar because many of them are the same from “The Warrior Princess Bride” (4×01) but we get to see it all a bit differently.  Instead of Aneela and Khlyen being there this time around, they’re The Lady in this version because it seems like Dutch is on a time loop.  She brings up the story about her and John…and Dutch calls out “Aneela” as The Lady who is fishing for information on how to get out of the green.  The Lady takes on Khlyen’s form and brings Dutch to the harem where she grew up and Dutch experiences quite a lot of pain…and explains that Dutch was the void in the green and what she was missing.  The Lady proves that she can just keep hurting Dutch even if that means putting her in a loop of memory where she’s being tortured and we see several scenes from previous episodes over the seasons. We find out at the end of the episode (the secret that she keeps from them during the entire episode and a reason for her to look so heartbroken and broken in general), that The Lady showed her what the future holds.  The future is supposed to be all the people she cares about dead and her about to be killed by The Lady in Johnny’s body. In the green, Aneela finds Dutch and tells her, “I didn’t give you life just so you should throw it away” and it’s this beautiful maternal moment between the two of them. There’s this great moment where Aneela goes to face The Lady disguised as Khlyen where she reminds The Lady that she’s locked in there with her.

We quickly flash to Turin (Patrick Garrow) on the Hullen Armada ship walking through a hallway of dolls and they are suddenly turned on (obviously The Lady’s control is spreading).  

Dutch tells them that although she doesn’t know how to beat The Lady, she knows how it all ends (and we see the flashback to what she’s kept hidden) before she tells them that they lose.  Dutch asks them if they’re in to help her fight The Lady. Pree tells them, “When you choose your family, you choose your fight”.

There was so much in this episode and it certainly did not disappoint!  What were your favorite parts? What are you still hoping to see? Sound off below!

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