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‘Killjoys’ Recap: ‘Greening Pains’

Posted on the 19 August 2018 by Entertainmentjolt @Entertain_Jolt

This week’s episode of Killjoys brought us a very fast paced adjustment of the newest member of Team Awesome Force and his “Greening Pains” (4×05).  

‘Killjoys’ Recap: ‘Greening Pains’Picking up from last week’s episode, we get to see what it’s like for the team to have a kid on Lucy (voiced by Tamsen McDonough).  Sleeping quarters are shifted with the additional people on board, which leads to D’avin Jaqobis (Luke Macfarlane) sleeping awkwardly up against the wall in Dutch’s (Hannah John-Kamen) room since he gave Delle Seyah Kendry (Mayko Nguyen) his bed for the time being.  This was such an adorable scene when D’av’s  snoring wakes Dutch up and their exchange of “you shouldn’t sneak up on people” and  “you shouldn’t scream in your sleep” is a turnaround of their dialog from “Bangarang” (1×01) before there’s an agreement to bed sharing and eventual kissing.  I mean D’avin’s needed hugging since the end of season three, so I’ll take this.

Zeph (Kelly McCormack) is tending to making sure that things are all good with the baby and the brand new de-Hullen-ized version of Johnny Jaqobis (Aaron Ashmore).  There’s some tension because Hullen Johnny had done some traumatizing of Zeph, but they are definitely working through it.  The entire crew is exhausted and trying to catch up on sleep, especially Zeph, who falls asleep watching the baby…when the entire group (minus Delle Seyah) wake up to crying they find that the baby is gone…and find a 6 year old Jaqobis kid (Malcom Ross).  Zeph and Johnny try to figure out what’s going on as it’s obvious that the kid is aging rapidly and there’s a definitely need to counteract it before he’s older than D’avin.  

‘Killjoys’ Recap: ‘Greening Pains’

When Turin (Patrick Garrow) checks in, we find out that the Hullen Armada that he’s aboard has stalled because of the frozen green plasma that runs it all.  There’s also an issue down on Westerley that Gared (Gavin Fox) and Fancy Lee (Sean Baek) are looking into, kids being taken in the middle of the night.  Dutch knows already that it’s the work of The Lady as she searches for the first naturally born Hullen child that she knows Aneela’s (Hannah John-Kamen) research has created and has been born now, obviously The Lady knew that there would be some speedy growth genes since she’s having kids kidnapped around the Jaqobis kid’s age.  It’s clear that they can’t go back to The Quad right now, which means that Pree (Thom Allison) has to bail ship now so he can get back to Old Town, the Royale, and his man.  There’s a hilarious bit where Pree tries to take Delle Seyah’s blue long coat she’s been wearing, but Dutch stops him citing that she’s the one who will have to hear about it with it once he’s gone.  

Johnny is pushing for them to go back to The Quad in order to save the kid, but Pippin Foster (Atticus Mitchell) puts out that he knows someone on Utopia that can help.  Here’s another season one kickback, Utopia is where they went looking for Doctor Jaegar (Amanda Tapping) in order to help D’avin with his war flashbacks and missing memories in “Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye” (1×07).  This is also where we met Carleen (Danka Scepanovic) who helped them get closer to Khlyen (Rob Stewart).  Pippin is also playing babysitter and trying to find non-alcoholic beverages and food for the kid, which brings up his question to the team “Do you seriously have no drinks that aren’t alcoholic or have y’all been drunk the entire time I’ve known you?” but there’s just mainly silence in response…and it’s all hilarious.  

‘Killjoys’ Recap: ‘Greening Pains’
They seek out Kravn (voiced by Julian Doucet), a bio-weapons maker, on Utopia that Pippin knows.  They’ve laid a typical Killjoys mission-type plan using Pip to plant a money clip with sensors that gives them everything they need in order to kidnap Kravn (they say this like they’re going to the store to pick up some milk, it’s so not a big deal) in order for him to help them figure out how to stop what’s wrong with the Jaqobis kid.  This moment is definitely them all clicking back into normal Team Awesome Force working mode and Pip is terrified of what Kravn could do to them and bails on helping. D’avin distracts the storefront pretending to rob them while Dutch and Johnny move to the safe room ready for Kravn to drop in, but while the plan seems to work flawlessly…they find out that Kravn is actually an AI who tries to kill Dutch and Johnny.  Johnny is able to walk Dutch through hacking through and outsmarting the Kravn AI and in the end, they kidnap him. The over stim-ed out D’av that they end up dragging back to Lucy sort of harkens back to when he took the bliss drug before on Utopia.

Back on Lucy, it looks like the Jaqobis kid isn’t doing well with Zeph and Pip trying to do their best to help him.  The kid sits up and suddenly we see him change before our eyes aging into a Teenage Jaqobis (Jaedan Noel).  

There’s this awesome yet awkward exchange between Johnny and Lucy about negotiating on letting Kravn into the system in order to solve the problem of the Teenage Jaqobis’ accelerated aging.  Meanwhile, D’avin is talking with Dutch about what he should tell his son. I felt like this really was so meaningful to both Dutch and D’av because there were pieces of their lives kept from them, which is why I think D’avin so wants to tell him something about who he is.  “You tell him what he needs to hear because that’s what you always do,” Dutch tells him before deciding that the stims are still affecting him too much and sends him to bed.

Delle Seyah decides the perfect time to wake up from her nap (and during this episode) is in the middle of Teenage Jaqobis missing.  Lucy and Kravn continue to work together not only in order to cure the kid, but also to find the missing kid and Pippin.

Though the last couple of episodes we’ve seen split seconds of what seems like the Hullen spider (likely controlled by The Lady) sparkle to the surface of Pip, but in this episode we finally see exactly what it can do.  It controls Pip to the point where he doesn’t remember what he did, which was taking Teenage Jaqobis from the ship, buying two tickets off Utopia, and almost getting onto a ship with him. In the end, a very confused and heartbroken Zeph has to sedate and restrain him, but is determined to figure out what is wrong with him (since his actions were very un-Pip-like).  I thought it was interesting that Teenage Jaqobis was the one who seemed to have sensed something wrong with Pip and I wonder if that’s because he’s partially Hullen or if it is something else. I’m sure we’ll find more about this soon enough.

In this awkward, intense, and confusing moment of saving the kid is when D’avin tells him that he’s his dad.  It’s obviously not the best situation, but it felt very much how truths seem to come out in this show. Lucy comes up with a way to stabilize the Jaqobis kid and really concerned dad D’avin is just absolutely adorable to watch.  If this kid is staying on the ship, they really need to invest in some non-alcoholic beverages and some actual food. Delle Seyah is emotional about everything and is having a hard time with it, which is weird for Johnny to be the only other person on the ship to understand…but Johnny just tells her to make amends for the horrible things she’s done in her life.  

Back on the Armada, Turin has realized that the dolls are moving on their own.  The doll that Zeph had messed with before in order to get him to help them ends up realizing who he is, Weej (Ishan Morris).  This all comes about when he uses his body to protect Turin from the dolls as they march out fully armed and into Black Root ships and fly away.  It’s clear that The Lady is controlling them and possibly has had them hibernating on the Armada to collect information as they were thought to be deactivated.  

‘Killjoys’ Recap: ‘Greening Pains’
Gared and Fancy Lee go staking out what they’ve identified as how the doors are marked in Old Town.  They stay around and see the people that are stealing the kids and Gared doesn’t stand back and ends up being kidnapped (along with the kids) on a Black Root ship while Fancy Lee just gets stunned with Pree finding him later.  

The solving of the story that Khlyen made Dutch remember continues through this episode as Dutch is distracted here and there trying to figure it out, but Johnny really doesn’t help since he likes his own version better.  They finally figure out a flaw in the version in Dutch’s head, the assassin wasn’t a woman…it was a man. They realize that maybe it’s part of a code that Khlyen put in her head and it’s a piece of it…and this is how they’re going to be how they’re going to figure out what Khlyen wants them to know.  It’s the first big victory on this front and the reason why “The Warrior Princess Bride” (4×01) was such an important episode of this season.

With no promo shown for next week as they just replayed the promo for this week’s episode unfortunately, what is everyone looking forward to seeing?  Are you glad that Team Awesome Force is back together? Are you missing action in The Quad? Want to know what’s going on in the green between Aneela and The Lady?  Tell us below!

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