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Killjoys Recap: “Blame It on the Rain” (5×02)

Posted on the 02 August 2019 by Entertainmentjolt @Entertain_Jolt

Last week’s Killjoys was all about “Blame it on the Rain” (5×02) after figuring out that the all too regular rain spouts on Westerley were tied to keeping people brainwashed, thus keeping Westerley weirder than normal.  

Picking up where last week’s episode left off with Zeph (Kelly McCormick) shot, Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) takes her back to the hideout to try to save her friend.  She seeks out Turin (Patrick

Garrow), who in this twisted new world is a drug dealer.  One of the best lines in this episode is during this exchange when he asks her what she’s going to do with the antibiotics (he apparently doesn’t care about the pain killers) and very awkwardly, Dutch tells him, “I’m going to snort it, in a drug person way.”  She ends up stealing the antibiotics off of him and I think he might have been more pissed at Dutch’s use of ‘friend’ when she ran off than the fact that she actually stole from him. Things go from bad to worse, when Zeph passes out and Dutch is left to try to fish a foreign object out of Zeph’s wound and mend her all on her own (and no healing wand to save the day).  When Zeph finally comes around, she berates Dutch’s lack of medical knowledge especially when Dutch explains that she can’t sew (it’s the one thing she’s bad at). Instead, after Zeph passes out once again, Dutch uses gauze and tape on her.

Pree (Thom Allison) issues a Black Warrant in search of Yala/Dutch at the Royale with Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) present, this also comes with the knowledge that it’s level 5 which makes it a kill warrant.  They have her dubbed as The Widow and though Johnny thinks it’s funny for a moment, Pree tells him that she killed her first husband and she’s really a terrorist.  Later, Gared (Gavin Fox) tells Johnny that Yala stiffed Turin and he better be careful.  In order to save his wife, Johnny turns to D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) on Lucy (voiced by Tamsin McDonough) and makes him promise to bring her in alive.

Getting Zeph up and on task, Dutch pushes her (even though she’s not feeling so great still) to help her figure out how to stop the terraforming.  Dutch leaves with a rain jacket and heads out, determined to get started on her own.

Up on the Hullen ship, The Little Lady (Lily Reid) shows Khlyen (Rob Stewart) exactly how dangerous she can be by changing bodies and becoming an older version of The Lady (Alanna Bale).  The only thing that seems to happen is that a mark is left and the previous ‘host’ dies, the process also seems to hurt the new host.  She threatens to take his daughter’s body next.  

In order to get information on Yala, they go to Turn who ends up giving some information to D’avin and Johnny after giving Johnny a good punch.  Turin gives them a new lead in ‘Stinky Raincoat’, who Johnny knows as a conspiracy nut. They find Zeph’s weather station and Johnny explains she has to be close by in order to get the readings.  D’avin breaks a piece so that Zeph has to be forced out of hiding in order to fix it, meanwhile they’ll stake out the location.

Out in Old Town, Dutch realizes her face is all over on wanted posters and needs to hide herself a bit better.  In order to access any of the terraforming stations, Dutch grabs an access key off of Fancy Lee (Sean Baek) who thinks that the other Killjoy with him just grabbed his ass.  When she returns back to the bunker, Zeph complains about not being sewn up like Dutch was supposed to…until Zeph uncovers the mind blowing fact that they only have twenty-seven days left of breathable air.  Since destroying all the stations for terraforming in the time they have isn’t possible for just Dutch, she decides that they have to start with just slowing it by destroying the bigger stations. Zeph has her go to fix the weather station while Dutch tasks her to work on the inhibitors in order to snap people out of their brainwashed state so that they have more backup.  

During their little stake-out which involves noodle eating, D’avin has a very familiar set of questions for

Johnny about his wife that very much harkens back to “Bangarang” (1×01), though then Johnny actually knew the answers (and just told D’avin otherwise).  Pissed off, Johnny goes looking on his own and finds Zeph’s hideout (though Zeph hides while he’s in the lair), he ends up getting freaked about his wife and who she truly must be and leaves with one of Zeph’s screens.  D’avin gets a little mouthy with a sassy Lucy because she didn’t give him information he’d just expected her to spit out like she was a mindreader.  

While Dutch fixes Zeph’s weather station so she can be her eyes and ears, Dutch runs into some Killjoys. D’avin finally realizes that Dutch is in the alley and she greets him with a very season one feeling “hello soldier” before telling him that they’re going to play tag and running away.  He follows her and when he catches up to her, she tells him that he won’t shoot her…that he can’t, she tries to get him to question things, gets him to put his gun down, and kisses him. “Who am I to you?” she asks him before running away after slipping a PDD into his pocket. When he goes back to Lucy, he finds Johnny there, and they find out that they both have the same blueprints.  D’avin also tells Johnny that he thinks that maybe they have it all wrong.

Back on The Lady’s ship, she goes to Khlyen once more.  They both have questions and Khlyen isn’t one to give in so easily.  The Lady points out that he thinks that he can figure it all out, which is one of the things that she likes about him.  

Unable to continue doing this alone and with the protein inhibitors ready, Dutch starts off by bringing Zeph back.  The first thing that hits her hard is Pippin’s (Atticus Mitchell) death, having to relive and lose him all over again.  At first, Dutch thinks that Zeph will still blame her for his loss, but instead Zeph blames The Lady for it all.  There is hugging before Dutch goes to meet up with her boys in hopes of recruiting them both.  

At the terraforming facility, Dutch kisses D’avin again while placing in the inhibitor which Johnny doesn’t seem happy about before she whispers into Johnny’s ear doing the same.  D’avin freaks out for a moment about Jaq (Jaedan Noel), but Dutch assures him that he’s safe with Delle Seyah Kendry (Mayko Nguyen).  With Team Awesome Force back together again, they go to blow things up which results in bickering between them and bringing up interesting questions.  D’avin asks if Dutch and Johnny were “married married” and then he calls Dutch his “girlfriend” which changes the entire conversation before they have to focus up.  Pree shows up, so they split up to get the job done quickly. They knock out Pree and get him into the vehicle after they’ve set their charges. Meanwhile, Dutch finishes up with her detonators and finds what she thinks are The Lady’s tentacle-y species in small containers.  So Dutch acquires a blow torch and fries them all before finally makes it back to the boys. As Team Awesome Force goes to make their getaway, affected by the loss of her creatures on Westerley, The Lady lets out a scream that seems to short out systems everywhere…and results in the team getting caught.  

Zeph is affected by the mind altering rain, but not before she carves the symbols for ‘No Entry’ on her arm in hopes of getting herself back to her base and hopefully jogging her own memory once again.

Khlyen is brought back to The Lady, who explains that they found Dutch.  The Lady’s idea of breakingDutch will be her taking Khlyen’s body. He explains that that won’t work and she’ll lose Dutch.  Khlyen figures that she just wants Jaq and that’s not going to get her his grandson. The Lady explains that he can only save one — his daughter or his grandson.  Khlyen replies with, “you know who I choose.”

What did you think of last week’s episode?  What are you hoping for with tonight’s episode?  Leave us a comment below!

Photo Credit: NBC Universal/Syfy

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