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Killer Triceps Exercises

By Mia_patterson

Your triceps muscles make up over two-thirds of your arm size. So if you want big arms, it only makes sense to focus on building up the mass of your triceps.
Unfortunately, most guys make the same mistakes when working out their triceps. And these mistakes are robbing you of muscle mass. Here is a simple strategy that average guys can use to beef up your triceps muscles.
The first key to building massive triceps is to select the right exercises. You see, if you select the wrong exercises.... it doesn't matter how hard you work. It doesn't matter how spot-on your diet may be... because ultimately your success will hinge on your exercise selection.
Killer Triceps Exercises
For building mass, we want to stick with heavy, basic movement. Some of my favorite mass-building triceps exercises are the weighted dip, close-grip bench press and skull-crushers.
You'll notice that I did not include dumbbell kickbacks or other light weight exercises. There's a very good reason for this.
You see to build up the muscles in your triceps you have to select the exercises that will allow you to use the most weight.
If you are doing weighted dips with 90 pounds strapped to your waist, that's forcing your triceps to work extra hard.
If you are doing triceps kickbacks with a 15 pound dumbbell, your triceps don't have the same growth influences.
The second key is that you must always be pursuing new levels of strength. When working out your triceps muscles, your goal is not to get a pump or go through the motions.
Your only goal should be to lift more weight (or add more reps) than you did last week. By getting stronger week after week, you will invariably add more muscle mass.
Think about it: Let's say you can close-grip bench press 185 pounds for 10 reps. With a few weeks a training, you bump up your strength levels and are now doing 225 pounds for 10 reps.
After a few more months, you reach 315 pounds for 10 reps. You've nearly doubled your strength levels. Don't you think your triceps will have grown? Of course they will. Your triceps will be forced to grow in order to keep up with the rising weights.
Last, but certainly not least, you must pay strict attention to your diet. You must work hard to ensure that you are getting the proper amount of protein and calories.
Every piece is connected: If you get enough protein and calories... you will be able to make regular and consistent strength gains. If you make regular and consistent strength gains... your triceps muscles will be forced to grow to keep up with rising weights.
But... if you sell yourself short at the dinner table.... you will find it difficult to increase your strength on a weekly basis. And if you aren't lifting more weight on a week by week basis... your strength levels will never appreciate significantly and therefore your triceps muscles have no real incentive to grow.
Remember, to gain one inch on your arms you have to add about 10-15lbs of overall muscle mass. Follow these keys for six weeks and I promise you'll pack on more triceps muscle mass than all the other guys at your gym.
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