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Kidz Bop 21: Today's Biggest Hits Sung By Kids For Kids

By Thismomloves @ThisMomLoves
Just a quickie post today: I love Kidz Bop. Reminiscent of the Mini Pops, it's today's biggest hits (for grownups) cleaned up and sung by kids.
I've been using it with my young daughters and my class (of eight and nine year olds) in the gym and as background music and they all think it's fantastic. I'm not sure they even realize that the more questionable lyrics have been changed, but it sure makes me feel a lot more comfortable about using (relatively) authentic music with them.
Here's what you'll find on the latest CD, KidzBop 21:
Kidz Bop 21: Today's Biggest Hits Sung By Kids For Kids
I do have one warning: even though Junior and Intermediate teachers probably shouldn't be deliberately using the original versions of some of these songs with their students, anyone above about ten years old will probably find this too cheesy and may be hard pressed to buy in.
Parents definitely should stick to the 10-and-under crowd for this one as well. Give this to your seven year old, and you're the coolest mom ever. Your thirteen year old? You may never live it down.

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