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Kids Furniture

Posted on the 26 May 2011 by Bgdn_adrian
Kids furnitureDescription: This activity consists in designing and building custom furniture for the little ones. These pieces of furniture are: cabinets, tables, chairs. You can use various types of materials, but the use of lightweight materials is recommended in order to avoid accidents in operating the product. Designs, shapes and colors used are at your imagination, but you have to resize them accordingly.
   The business aim is selling small pieces of furniture for children.
Resources needed: - documentation regarding the production of these objects
   - expenditure on procurement of materials
   - expenditure on the acquisition of necessary tools
   - arranging a location functioning as a small workshop to produce the pieces of furniture
   - setting up a company
Pros: - such products are sold at quite high prices
   - once you have the plan / sketch of the piece and the required  tools, the production process is simple
  - raw materials used in the construction of these objects are found in stores and are reasonably priced
Cons: - you need to have a location designated for this purpose, an unprofessional place of execution can lead to accidents or poor quality product
Conclusion: On a small scale, an activity of this kind can be performed in workshops and using small appliances, while earnings can be substantial.

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