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Kids And Swimming: The Benefits

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

Kids And Swimming: The Benefits
Educating and motivating children to swim has substantial health and wellness benefits. Giving children access

to year long swimming pools under supervision also helps encourage an active lifestyle. A controlled swimming

environment helps facilitate confidence and motivation as they build strength and endurance and is something

they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, very few injuries are sustained in the pool compared to

other sports.

Greater Physical Health And Wellness

Swimming is an outstanding cardio exercise that strengthens heart as well as lung capacity, raises endurance as

well as improve balance and body control. Swimming in warm water temperatures can improve blood circulation

as well as increase flexibility and promote greater muscle relaxation. On top of that, swimming is a great way to

curb childhood obesity by exercising all the muscles of the body simultaneously. Government statistics suggest

that approximately 17% of children aged 2-19 are obese. Childhood obesity can substantially increase the risks

of other illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing problems, as well as social problems such as

discrimination and low self-esteem. Besides the strength building and cardiovascular benefits, swimming helps

relax the body, is a mood booster, and can increase daily energy as well as reduce stress.

Safety And Prevention

According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is a leading cause of accidental death

with one out of five being children 14 years old or younger. By showing your child how to swim, parents can

provide their children with not just a useful skill but something that can considerably lower the threat of an

emergency situation if they fall into a pool or other body of water. Letting your children overcome potential fears

and learn to become comfortable in water in a controlled, supervised environment is a great way to improve their

chances of safety and wellbeing.

Increase Brain Power

According to research done by the Griffith University, a study testing a group of 180 children found that those

who participated in early years swimming achieve developmental milestones faster and also performed better in

visual-motor skills and mathematically related tasks. According to Dr. Shalom Drimer, swimming helps stimulate

and develop the cerebellum which is responsible for motor control and language skills. Having your children

learn to swim can not only help with physical development but also potentially improve reading and writing skills

as well.

This guest post is written by Ray Chang from Fitmax iPool exercise home swimming pools and is for

informational purposes only



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