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Kid's Milk Percentage

By Newsanchormom

Kid's Milk percentage
We have been drinking 2% and skim milk lately. I try to get my four-year-old to drink whole milk, but it seems like every time I buy it, someone else drinks it. (He's my super skinny kid) Whole milk is super fatty. I don't think parents realize that. They just think it's a little bit worse than 2%, when it's actually a lot worse. That's just what I have seen. What kind of milk do you buy?
FROM NBC: Many kids are drinking milk -- but with too much fat, according to public health officials. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control finds nearly three-quarters of children and teens drink milk regularly.
Only about 20-percent say they drink low-fat milk -- meaning skim or 1-percent.
About a third said they regularly drink whole milk. kids in the highest income brackets and Hispanic and African American children were more likely to drink higher-fat milk.
Doctors generally recommend kids over age two consume low-fat milk and other dairy products.
-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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