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Kicksta Vs AiGrow 2022: Which One You Should Choose? (OUR PICK)

Posted on the 05 July 2022 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Looking for a difference between Kicksta vs AiGrow? I will bring you an in-depth comparison between them both.

Instagram is where all the marketing buzz is these days. It is the place where brands go to find the most engaging audience available. Instagram has recently become the new Facebook. Millennials, most of all, seem to spend hours of their day scrolling through Instagram. It has become the single most engaging marketplace in which brands can grow.

You can even run sponsored advertisements on Instagram to attract growth. Yet, that can prove to be quite expensive and just leaves you with a burning hole in your pocket, which most of us don't want, that too for only a one-time audience.

The goal that most brands on Instagram must attain is to convert their followers into customers. Each new follower is a potential lead who may help boost your business through sales. Due to this underlying need for a growing follower base on Instagram, we may need to utilize specific tools. Two of which I will be explaining in detail in this article.

Kicksta Overview

Kicksta is considered to be one of the most potent and helpful brand building growth tools for Instagram. Armed with a modern user-interface matched with an advanced AI integration, Kicksta can help your brand elevate its presence through the immense growth of followers.

Kicksta vs AiGrow 2022: Which One You Should Choose? (OUR PICK)

AiGrow Overview

Instagram Marketing is now nothing more than a cake-walk through another AI-based growth tool. You will now be able to generate leads with AiGrow. You can constantly grow your Instagram follower base, and as you work to improve followers, you will gain leads with whom you should keep in touch with to maximize your sales potential.

Kicksta vs AiGrow 2022: Which One You Should Choose? (OUR PICK)

Key Features and Benefits

Hassle-Free Sign Up

You can set up your own Kicksta account in all but three simple steps. The most obvious one is to go to the Kickasta website. Where you will be prompted for your email address, from which you will be taken to a plan and pricing page, and you select the one you want, then move your mouse over to the "Get Started" button, and give it a subtle tap.


Yep, that's it! You have now created your Kicksta account. You will now be able to begin your work! Did I mention that Kicksta also has a fourteen-day money-back guarantee?

AiGrow also offers users with a straightforward and efficient sign-up process. A process in which you enter your basic credentials like your email address, and your password. After this, you will be prompted to log into your Instagram account. Right, when you log-in, you will be granted a seven-day free trial!


Verdict: Although Kicksta offers a simple yet efficient way to sign up, AiGrow is allowing you the same thing but with a free trial, rather than a money-back guarantee. The signup itself is pretty much the same thing and doesn't make much of a difference, so this one is up to you.

The Algorithm Behind This

Kicksta automated a process that is often very time-consuming. The algorithm behind Kipsta is known as the "liking-method." It is a method that likes as many top-performing posts on accounts that tend to be similar to your own Instagram. As it can depending on certain Instagram restrictions, so that people would see the likes, and possibly check out your page and give you a follow!


AiGrow lets you automate yet another famous trick. Most of the people on Instagram are quite familiar with it. This is the Follow/Unfollow trick. This allows you to quickly boost your Instagram followers base as it attracts the most people to your page and prompts a follow back. With AiGrow, you can also automate and build customized comments and send DMs to raise a flag and get people to look towards your brand.


Verdict: Although AiGrow will get you more followers in a shorter period, it is not always good for your brand image or reputation. This because the follow and following ratio will be disturbed, and most of these actions will be marks as spam. So the winning algorithm here is that of Kicksta.

Real-Instagram Followers

The followers that you gain through Kicksta will likely be retained for a longer period as they are authentic followers who were genuinely attracted to your page. It also allows you to target and like posts in your niche, so it will be extremely efficient in building a loyal fan-base on Instagram.


The followers you gain on AiGrow are also 100% real, and they follow you of their own free will. But the issue is that when people that you followed realize that you had unfollowed them, they often get angry and unfollow you as well.


Verdict: AiGrow is suitable for short term follower growth, but Kicksta offers a much slower yet more sustainable growth in followers. The Instagram culture has been prompting people to get annoyed when an influencer or brand unfollows them again a day later.


Kicksta allows its users to target specific audiences through hashtags or post locations. But it can also let you just target similar accounts as you try to boost follower counts. You will be able to find a follower base that is geared for the same tastes and interests as your brand.


Kicksta targeting is so specified that it will ensure never to target an account that is not similar to your own or does not line up with your brand's interests.

As with Kicksta, AiGrow also allows you to choose the number of comments or follow requests sent out. It will only follow, send DMs, and post hashtags on accounts that are either very closely related to yours, or posts that meet your criteria.


Not once will AiGrow let you down in its targeting capabilities.

Verdict: Both of these tools will ensure that you will only gain followers as per your specifications by targeting the groups or locations that you manually specify. In that regard, both tools are the same, but it again comes down to long term retention.

Filter Your Audience

Kicksta offers its users with an advanced filtering system, so sophisticated that some even call it the safest Instagram Marketing Service. It helps you toss out the redundant and spam accounts by offering certain filters like:

  • Avoiding Private Instagram Accounts
  • Avoids accounts which have not made a single post in the last ninety days
  • Prevents accounts with an odd follow and unfollow ratio
  • Avoid accounts that were created just recently

This is not even the end; Kicksta also lets you filter out certain Instagram users on the criteria of:

Although some of the methods used by AiGrow are sometimes considered to be spam. It does its best to ensure that it does not reflect in this manner. The primary filters, as mentioned before, is hashtags and location. But this astounding tool also lets you choose if it sends DMs or comments or whatnot.


Apart from this, you can also specify how many Comments, or follow requests that it sends daily, and offers an option not to follow the same person multiple times.

Verdict: In this case, Kicksta has a far more superior algorithm and helpful filters to benefit its users in a much more effective manner.

Customer Service

Kicksta gives its users a 24/7 availability of customer service through chat or email. Apart from this, Kicksta also has a massive archive of FAQs that its customers can access at any time, as well as videos to quickly gain an understanding of the tool and give you the answers that you need.


AiGrow gives its users access to one of their customer service agents within three minutes. Apart from this, AiGrow also has a detailed FAQ, a page that its users can access whenever they have some underlying doubts.


But the issue is that although they advertise less than three minutes, many complain that they can't get in touch with their customer service executives.

Verdict: In terms of customer service, Kicksta is much more comprehensive, and due to a lot of bad reviews on AiGrow, we must consider Kicksta to be the winner here.

Tracking Your Growth

Kicksta lets you see a total of users that have been following your account. It gives you individual-specific statistics to help you gauge the total organic growth that your account has seen.


You will be granted access to a tab of activity and statistics to display the total DMs, interactions, and followers that were gained through AiGrow.


Verdict: Tracking your total growth on Instagram is pretty much the same for both of these very comprehensive tools.

Kicksta Pricing

To help you decide which tool is better suited for your needs, I had compiled a list of all the pricing details below.

Kicksta vs AiGrow 2022: Which One You Should Choose? (OUR PICK)

The Standard Plan costs $49 each month and provides you with moderate growth, video onboarding, and even Targets.

The Premium Plan costs $99 and offers Maximum possible growth, VIP email assistance, live chat assistance, blacklists, and even advanced targeting mechanisms.

AiGrow Pricing

Kicksta vs AiGrow 2022: Which One You Should Choose? (OUR PICK)
  • Can schedule up to five posts a month
  • Can post up to three links in your Instagram bio
  • Can set up a system called the Post and Reward
  • Free Email Assistance
  • Can Schedule one post a day
  • Now allow the repost of others, feed, and even stories
  • Can have unlimited links in your bio
  • Safe and Secure all the way
  • Email Assistance
Free Plan
  • All the Features in Post Plus are included
  • 500 DMs a Month
  • 250 Automatic DMs are sent
  • Feed and Stories can be Scheduled
  • Safe and Secure all the Way
Post Plus: Monthly $7 Essentials: Monthly $23 12 Month Pro Pack: Monthly $75

Kicksta Pros and Cons

6 Month Pro Pack: Monthly $83


3 Month Pro Pack: Monthly $100
  • You will start gaining a massive deal of followers, all of which are real.
  • The engagement rates on each of your posts will increase noticeably.
  • Lots of options to target specific types of users
  • Can filter based on age, location, and even gender
  • Can also create blacklists if you don't want certain people to be engaging with your content
  • The excellent customer service team that is always ready to be of assistance.
  • The use of advanced AI
  • Good customer service
  • Secure and verified payment gateways
  • Clear Pricing Details
Pro Managed: Monthly $150


  • You need to make sure that they aren't overdoing the frequency of likes. The only proof we have that they follow these Instagram norms is their word.
  • Credit Card information is mandatory to take the fourteen-day free trial that they offer you.
  • You can never have complete control over the photos that Kicksta likes on your behalf.

AiGrow Pros and Cons


  • You get followers that are relevant to your niche.
  • They allow you to put multiple links within your bio.
  • With the higher plan, you even get a dedicated account manager.
  • You can send out personalized and automated DMs
  • They also provide a feature for content creation.
  • It is a new concept of post and reward.
  • Completely Real followers
  • A free package is also available
  • The use of advanced AI
  • FAQ page for your assistance
  • Verified payment gateways


  • They have customer service, but it is not 24/7
  • Don't show any real reviews on their website.
  • Could make your brand look spammy
  • Could be a rebranded company


Final Verdict: Kicksta vs AiGrow Comparison 2022

Both of these tools are made for the benefit of the users. Both using a slightly different strategy, essentially aim for the same thing: growth in Instagram followers. AiGrow uses a Follow/Unfollow strategy, and Kicksta a more refined like all posts strategy.

Quick Links:

In essence, they both bring followers back to your page, but based on my understanding, AiGrow will be much more effective in this sense. Yet, it also could potentially make your brand look spammy.

Overall, they are both excellent tools that provide a lot of transparency on price, filtering, audience targeting, and help you gain lots of real followers without all of the extra manual work.

After reading this article, I invite you to weigh the algorithms, pros, and cons, as well as the price, and make a well-informed decision to help further the growth of your brand through Instagram marketing.

If you really enjoyed Kicksta vs AiGrow comparison then please do like and share this post with your friends. Also, share your experience with me in the comment section.

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