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…Kick It Off

By Zer @the2women

…Kick It Off

Welcome to another Crusade Sunday co-blog.

With the college football season  officially begun, and the NFL (despite their best efforts) following closely behind, we thought we’d pay a little tribute to this other great American pastime.

And what more fitting way is there to pay homage than a little competition.

Yes, that’s right, the NFL (Zer) and college football (Stephanie) are going head to head:


I admit that the NFL can be a bit flashy at times. But can you really fault them for having a bigger pyrotechnics budget? These players may have multi-million dollar contracts, but they earn them (for the most part). Plus, they’re around for more than four years, and by that point they’ve weeded out all the less than entertaining talent.

My opening argument and general thesis:  college football is the sport at its finest.  These players don’t have multi-million dollar contracts to worry about.  There aren’t sponsors to please or salaries to negotiate.  They’re students-of the game and life (assuming they are attending classes).  Sure, there are egos and elicit dealings, but for the most part it’s football, just football.

Day of the Week:

Is there even a competition here?  I mean when you think football, you think Sunday.  It’s Sunday, the day of rest and football.  Saturday is bogged down by the fact that most of us are trying to be productive, and check things off that to-do list.  But September through early February, Sunday is a time to relax and enjoy a game with friends and family.  Plus, we have Monday night too.  Not a bad way to start off the week.

Saturday is the first day of the weekend.  You still have that weekend warrior glow about you.  That I will accomplish everything I set out to do can-do attitude.  And what better way to celebrate that than by sitting on your butt watching football all day?  You can always finish everything else on Sunday.

 Inspiring Films:

Okay, I have to admit that at first I couldn’t think of any.  Do “Jerry Maguire” and “The Replacements” count?  What about “Leatherheads”?  Honestly, I think high school football holds the place of honor in this category.  How do you compete with “Remember the Titans”?  You don’t.

Yes, they count, but they don’t hold a candle to the great echelon of inspiring college football films.  ”Remember the Titans”? …really?!?  I am speechless.  I have no words.  Well, maybe just one: Rudy, Rudy, Rudy… There is no competition.  ”Remember the Titans”? …really?

Post-Season Play:

I have two words for you: Super Bowl. That’s all.

NFL wins.  Sorry NCAA, but your bowl season is confusing, complicated, and subjective.  Suck it up and design a legitimate tournament at the end of the season.  You can do it.


I’m pleading the fifth on this one.  Frankly it’s impossible to choose.  You’ve got plenty of the dedicated and the crazies on both sides.  And they’re what make the game great.

I’m going to have to make a case for college fans, purely based on the fact that we do not include the Raiders fans (creepy on steroids).  But I will give them credit.  They are committed (or should be).

And the winner is…


Feel free to weigh in on which you think is best.  We’re always up for a good intelligent debate.


…just for fun:

…just going to sneak this one in here…


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