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Khronica Putinski: Chronicle of Vladimir

Posted on the 05 June 2014 by Hughvw
Khronica Putinski: Chronicle of Vladimir Tovarichs : What a moron Obamavich is! How could he not have paused for just a moment  to question the wisdom of appearing on network news  with Bergdahl's father, who looks like everyone's idea of a  jihadist shitbag, complete with unkempt beard and even speaking  Pashto like a native. You would think that Obamavich's aides  would  have  cautioned him not to  crow about his brilliance in winning one man's release in exchange for five of the most dangerous men in Gitmo.  It does makes my life much easier, competing with this dolt who has the strategic skills of  a piroshki. But I must confess to feeling somewhat  bored.  It's like playing chess with a 4-year-old.    The obvious move for Obamavich would be to keep Bergdahl in the US base in Germany, court martial him there and lock the little weasel in the brig and 'disappear' him when America's attention is focussed on Obamavich's next scandal of incompetence, which won't be long in coming.  Alas, tovarichs, space dictates that I  now  bid you farewell:  До свидания!  

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