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Khatta Meetha Karela, Sweet and Sour Bitter Gourd

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Khatta Meetha Karela - Bitter gourd cooked in sweet and sour sauce

khatta meetha karela- Karela/ bitter gourd is a very healthy vegetable with so many health benefits . But due to its bitter strong taste either people loves it or hate it . Karela have numerous health benefits as it is a natural antioxidant properties. it promotes healthy respiratory system so helps to cure chronic cough and asthma.

It also prevents premature aging and make the skin soft and supple ,Karela helps in digestion by producing enzymes which helps in good digestion. Karela is high in fiber so aids in weight loss and good to cure constipation if used regularly. so many health benefits by eating this slightly bitter karela.

We can reduce the bitterness of karela by applying or rubbing salt on the peeled or chopped karela pieces . You can also soak karela slices in sour buttermilk for some time this also help in reducing its bitterness . If the karela is very bitter and you don't have time to apply salt and wait then just boil it in water for few minutes and then squeeze it well .All the bitterness will be removed by boiling in water then either make it stuffed or temper it in spices.

There are so many recipes to make with karela ,you can deep fry it and make Karela kachri or fritters ,stuff it with spices and raw mango and make Bharwa karela or just temper it with regular spices and make Karela sabzi. After peeling karela we often discard the peels of karela which are very healthy so I often make Karela thepla and Stuffed karela peel paratha

This khatta meetha karela sabzi is easy to make and taste delicious .Addition of tamarind and jaggary not only makes it delicious but also reduces the bitterness of karela. You can serve this sabzi as a side dish or as an Instant Karela pickle with main course. I have sliced it in roundels but you can also chop it in fine pieces if you want to serve it as a pickle. Do try this recipe and you will surely love this karela preparation .

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Khatta Meetha Karela, Sweet and Sour Bitter Gourd
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Khatta Meetha Karela, Sweet and Sour Bitter Gourd

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