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By Kristina Suko @eccentricowl

Express Portofino Skeleton Key Blouse | www.eccentricowl.comExpress Portofino Skeleton Key Blouse |

This week I have been seriously considering chopping off my hair. I know I don’t want to deep down, but there’s nothing like tangled, patchily colored, generally unruly bad hair days to make you just want to get rid of it all. But the girls over in the Modcloth BST chat group convinced me not to chop it, and made me realize that on the whole, I much prefer long hair to short. When I’ve got short hair, I’m always wishing it were long. When I have long hair, I just have moments like this week where I want to chop it.

I’m going to get a trim for sure, though; the ends are not pretty right now. And then, I’m going to invest in a NICE hairbrush — one that doesn’t rip my hair out every time I brush it — and a good conditioner and haircare routine… because right now I just basically wash, throw it in a bun, and avoid brushing unless I have to. Which is pretty bad.

Express Portofino Skeleton Key Blouse |

This top is the second of the three that I thrifted the other day after searching specifically for tops. I paid more than I usually would, but after looking up the brand online to see if it was still around, I discovered I bought it for nearly $50 less than retail price. So, you know. Worth it! It’s such a cute shirt, and the sleeves are those great sleeves that you can either wear long or roll up and button up at the elbow. Which is totally my jam. I tend to push my sleeves up constantly, so having the button option is a plus.

These tops are also light enough to wear in warm weather, since they are the very slightest bit sheer and fairly lightweight. I do love a piece that can be worn through every season!

Express Portofino Skeleton Key Blouse |
Express Portofino Skeleton Key Blouse |

And the key print? I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I really love everything about this top, actually; the print, the buttons, the sleeves, the style of collar. It’s a very relaxed look but still hits the retro vibe I’m going for.

Express Portofino Skeleton Key Blouse |
Express Portofino Skeleton Key Blouse |
Express Portofino Skeleton Key Blouse |

Shoes thrifted | shirt, thrifted, same (in different patterns) here | skirt, vintage/gift | brooch, thrifted

I hope you are all having a good week! Because it’s been such nice weather today, I’ve felt like it should be Friday ALL WEEK. I am pretty excited that tomorrow actually is Friday.

Happy Thursday!


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