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Key Methods And Benefits of Damp Proofing

By Smadison

Damp proofing is a common type of moisture control which is applied to residential floors, walls & commercial buildings for preventing mould and moisture. Nowadays, damp proofing issue is a very common and major problem occurring in properties. Damp proofing items generally keep the moisture away from the properties, where the vapour barriers that retain moisture to the property's walls. In this blog, we are going to discuss the methods & advantages of damp proofing solutions. in Inner West, Paddington, Eastern Suburbs and Mosman. Some popular methods of damp proofing are mentioned below:
Key Methods And Benefits of Damp Proofing
Major causes of structural damp
Before discussing the methods, you should know the major causes of structural damp. According to the experts, there are several causes of structural dampness. Here are several causes of structural dampness. They include:
1. Low-quality construction materials
2. Poor design
3. Fault in building construction
4. Low quality damp proofing materials

Apart from that, if the quality of the roof is poor, rainwater will enter into the property that may cause structural dampness. Moreover, faulty junctions or small roof slopes between parapet walls & roof slabs may cause damping. Leakage through other passes may cause moisture.
Key Methods And Benefits of Damp Proofing
Methods of damp proofing
There are several types of methods available for damp proofing. Reputable companies offer a full range of damp proofing solutions including rising damp solutions
Key advantages of damp proofing
Damp proof course or DPC: Damp proof course or DPC is the most common and popular type of damp proofing method preferred by the experts. This is one of a layer of waterproofing material that can prevent rising damp very effectively. Rising damp occurs due to the capillary action of water that can create a structural problem of a property. The damp proof course also helps to prevent lateral damp, salt damp, mould and mildew growth. This is highly advantageous and it is highly recommended by the damp proofing experts.
Silicon damp course: Silicon damp course is another popular method of damp proofing method recommended by the experts. Silicon is one type of wax that comes with water-repellent properties and the fluids are dissolved in spirit with the anti-fungal components during damp proofing. This is also an effective process.
Nowadays, damp proofing solutions are in great demand in Sydney. Homeowners prefer above-mentioned solutions to keep their property safe from structural dampness. Here are key benefits of damp proofing give below:
1. Damp proofing solutions are sustainable and long-lasting
2. Damp proofing solutions are cost-effective
3. Damp proofing solutions prevent internal cracks
4. Prevents rising damp, lateral damp, salt damp, mould & mildew

Generally, structural dampness occurs in old or existing properties & badly constructed buildings. Proper Damp proof course can help to prevent damp and keep the property safe.

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