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Kessler's Back!

Posted on the 15 May 2014 by Mikeb302000
Remember him?  The cop from some shite-hole in MOFN Pennsylvania who thought he would start a revolution, but lost his job.
Well, Kessler's back with an overblown opinion of himself.  I won't get into it, but he needs to learn to take the fifth since he really does show he's a fuckwit every time he opens his mouth.
Kessler was suspended without pay from his $15.25-an-hour job for using borough weapons in the videos. Borough Council subsequently moved to terminate him on unrelated matters. Kessler had a five-year contract, which began in 2010.

This is in French, but it portrays the type of cop Kessler was:

This is a parody of Braquo (a Kick ass show).  It is on Hulu with subtitles--I suggest that you catch it.
The municipal police in France are low level cops who basically direct traffic and catch people who let their dogs shit on the street.
I'm not terribly worried about Mark Kessler with a gun.
He'll just shoot himself.
He should stick to picking up dogshit.
In the mean time, watch a French Cop show if you're man enough to take it!

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